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AVAILABLE NOW: VNM Simulation Shifter & Handbrake CLICK HERE For Details
AVAILABLE NOW: VNM Simulation Shifter & Handbrake CLICK HERE For Details

Trak Racer

Since 2008 Trak Racer have churned out some of the best racing simulation gear you’ll lay your hands on. Trak Racer have pretty much redefined racing simulator cockpits in Australia. When you get your hands on your very own Trak Racer racing simulator for the first time, you'll instantly know what we’re talking about.

trak racer tr160 racing simulator with wheel, pedals and racing seat

These are sim rigs built to the highest standard – without compromise. For example, the chassis on the RS6 and TR8 racing cockpits is constructed from robot welded, 2-inch (50mm) steel tubing. Making these rigs rock-solid and rugged.

The TR80 and TR160 models continue the trend of first-class materials. These modular racing cockpits feature ‘8020’ extruded aluminium profile. This style of racing rig is super-popular with sim racers thanks to its strength, rigidity and upgrade options.

Question is, which Trak Racer cockpit is right for you? Let’s take a glance at each cockpit model in more detail…

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Choose from the Trak Racer RS6 and TR8 steel chassis or the Trak Racer TR80 and TR160 extruded aluminium racing simulator cockpits

If you’re hunting for a quality, racing simulator, Trak Racer should top your shopping list (no doubt about it).

But which Trak Racer rig should you buy? Really, it comes down to your budget and the specs you want in your rig. But we’re going to do our best to help you narrow down your selection.

First up, let’s start with the rock solid, Trak Racer iron chassis models – the RS6 and the TR8. Both the Trak Racer RS6 and TR8 are constructed from rugged, 2 inch (50mm) steel tubing for a rock-solid chassis. These rigs are built like a tank.

trak racer tr8 and rs6 racing simulator cockpits sitting side-by-side

The RS6 and TR8 both include everything you need to start racing, right out of the box, including a premium race seat, shifter mount and fully adjustable pedal and wheel mounts.

The main difference between these two rigs is the integrated monitor stand included with the TR8 cockpit. Both rigs boast multiple add-on accessories, too like handbrake and shifter mounts, monitor stands, oversized seat mounts and more.

Looking for an extruded aluminium profile racing simulator cockpit? Check out the Trak Racer TR80 and TR160

The popularity of aluminium profile racing cockpits has exploded over the last few years. That’s down to the modular and easy-to-upgrade features of this style of rig.

trak racer TR80 and TR160 racing cockpits sitting side-by-side

You start with the base TR80 or TR160 cockpit and then over time build out with bolt on monitor stands, larger seat mounts, button box arms, shifter & handbrake combo mounts and more.

The TR80 and TR160 are constructed from extruded profile aluminium – for a rock-solid frame. But what IS extruded aluminium and why is it so damn good? Let us answer that for you now.

Simply, extruded aluminium is a length of aluminium that has sections removed (or extrusions) along its length. This is how you get the classic ‘T’ slots in extruded aluminium that make it easy to add on additional aluminium profile or accessories like wheel and pedal mounts.

trak racer extruded aluminium profile with t slots

Point is, this style of rig is light (because they’re constructed from aluminium) and super rigid. That means you can load on any wheel (including direct drive) and pedal set and no matter how hard of thrashing you give them your Trak Racer TR80 or TR160 rig will take anything you throw at it.

So, what’s the difference between the Trak Racer TR80 and the TR160 models?

In one word: sturdiness. Don’t get us wrong the TR80 is a sturdy and rigid rig. But the TR160 takes this up a notch with wider 160mm aluminium chassis profile.

This makes the Trak Racer TR160 the most rock-solid (and down-right awesome looking) racing simulator rig on the Aussie market today.

So, if you want the best rig Trak Racer offers up – you’ll want to add the TR160 to your cart.

Choose your wheel mount

Trak Racer produce various TR80 and TR160 wheel mounts for specific direct drive wheel brands. For example, you can choose from wheel mounts designed for Fanatec’s DD1 and DD2 wheelbase.

trak racer direct drive front mount wheel mountOr there’s a wheel mount designed for front mount wheelbases from brands like Simagic, SimXperience, Lenze, Mige, OSW, Simucube and more.

The wheel deck features a multi-point neck so you can easily adjust your wheel height and angle for the perfect position every time. You can also slide the wheel mount forward and back up to 30mm.

Compatible with ALL the major brand electronics you can name

If you’re thinking to yourself; “Will my [insert wheel and pedal brand here] bolt to a Trak Racer rig?” the answer is probably, YES! We’re pleased to say that Trak Racer has designed each rig to be compatible with most big-brand peripheral companies. That means just about any wheel, pedal set, shifter or handbrake will bolt directly onto any Trak Racer cockpit.

trak racer TR160 racing cockpit with rally seat and wheel, pedals and shifter installed

Got a Logitech, Thrustmaster, Accuforce, SimXperience, Simucube or Fanatec wheel and pedals? They can all be quickly and easily installed onto the Trak Racer wheel and pedal decks.

Fully adjustable, laser-cut and robot welded pedal and shifter mounts

Each pedal and shifter mount that emerges from the Trak Racer factory is made from thick & tough laser cut and robot-welded steel.

The pedal mount on each Trak Racer rig is fully adjustable.

You can adjust the distance of your pedal mount by sliding forward or back. The angle is adjustable. Simply angle the pedal plate to give yourself an optimum foot position. Like the wheel mount, the Trak Racer pedal deck is compatible with all major sim racing pedals brands including (but not limited to); Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Simworx, Meca, HPP, Heusinkveld.

Mount your shifter on the left or right side of your rig

All Trak Racer racing simulator cockpits include a shifter mount. Like the wheel and pedal mounts, the shifter mount is pre-drilled for most shifter brands (like Thrustmaster, Simworx, Logitech, Heusinkveld and more).

The shifter mount is adjustable so you can move and slide the mount to suit your driving style and racing position. Plus, you can bolt the shifter mount to the left or right side of your cockpit.

Park your backside in a premium, comfortable Trak Racer racing seat

Trak Racer has engineered its race seats for both strength and comfort. These premium, race-ready seats suit most drivers, specifically in the M-to XL range (up to 45 inch waist) and support up to 160kg.

trak racer racing seats including GT seat, rally seat and recline seat all side-by-side

Anyone up to 6.6" will find these lightweight racing seats extremely comfortable. You've also got integrated bolsters, a set of seat sliders and the whole seat is wrapped in a washable, stain-resistant and hard-wearing fabric. There are three seat styles to choose from – GT, Rally and reclining.

Trak Racer racing cockpits are backed by a FIVE YEAR warranty

That’s right, Trak Racer are so confident in the quality of the racing simulators they bolt together, they stamp each one with an unbeatable 5 year warranty.

That alone should hand you the confidence to lay down your hard-earned dollars for a Trak Racer rig! You’re buying a first-class product designed to last you a lifetime.

But it’s not just the long warranty and the quality materials that should push Trak Racer to the top of your shopping list – compatibility and adjustability are also big features in every Trak Racer cockpit. Scroll down and grab your new Trak Racer racing cockpit today.