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About Us

Looking for the perfect racing, flight or golf simulator for your home? You’re in exactly the right place

Let’s face it, when it comes to buying a GREAT simulation gear, you’re not dealing with peanuts. Some simulators can cost upwards of $5,000 (we’ve got some that retail for more than $20,000!)

Point is, you’re smart. You’re not about to hand over that kind of cash to just anyone, right?

You want to deal with the experts who can set you up with a world-class simulator, that’s perfect for your needs, at a great price and backed by a long-term, no fuss, manufacturer-backed warranty.

I’m pleased to say, Gamer Gear Direct fits the bill – perfectly.

Inside our online store you’ll find the best, big-brand racing, flight and golf simulator gear and accessories at the very best prices backed by out-of-the-world customer service.

We’re an authorised dealer for all the big simulation brands including Next Level Racing, Trak Racer, Simagic, Playseat, Thrustmaster, Logitech, The Net Return, SkyTrak, Flightscope and a whole lot more.

When it comes to sim gear, no matter what you’re after, we’ve got it.

Even if you don’t see a specific product when searching around our website, just let us know and we’ll probably be able to get it for you.

There’s a lot more to share with you on how we can help you get your hands on the simulator you’re looking for. First, it’s about time I properly introduced myself…

My name is Blake Sterling – I’m the founder and chief simulator expert at Gamer Gear Direct. I’m a self-confessed simulation fanatic. My team and I are 100% dedicated to help match you with the best simulation gear for your needs

That’s me in the photo you see here with the cool shades, the crazy-awesome Marvel t-shirt and tattoos.

photo of Blake Sterling founder of Gamer Gear Direct

Handsome fellow, don’t you think? 😉

I was exposed to the world of gaming and sim racing at a very early age.

In 1991, when I was 9 years-old, my parents bought me and my younger brother a Sega Master System for Christmas.

Yep – old school console, baby!

Along with the Sega console, my parents grabbed two racing titles: Out Run and R.C. Grand Prix.

As a 9-year-old kid I was spell-bound. I’d get up super early almost every day just to play those racing games. I’d be perched in front of the TV for hours and hours on end. My Dad would literally have to pry the gamepad from hands and throw met outside to stop me playing.

That hasn’t changed today, by the way. Only now it’s my wife screaming at me to jump off my racing rig and go do: ‘something more constructive’ as she likes to put it.

That love for sim racing games has never wavered. I’ve been obsessed with racing games since the early 90’s. Every time I sit down to race, I get that same spine-tingling excitement as I did on that crisp Christmas morning in 1991.

That’s why started I kick-started Gamer Gear Direct. To help everyday sim enthusiasts (like you) feel that same heart-thumping rush every time you wrap your hands around a racing wheel…or yoke or a golf club

Gamer Gear Direct emerged from humble beginnings in 2018. Initially started from my home garage, we now oversee a warehouse facility in Dudley Park, South Australia (see an image of our facility below) and have partnered up with multiple warehouses around the country, all in an effort to bring you the BEST simulation gear in the world. 

gamer gear direct warehouse facility in dudley park, South AustraliaA lot of our gear is shipped from this warehouse in Dudley Park, South Australia

My team and I are pure-bred sim FANATICS. So, if you’re need an answer to a question, if you’re confused about whether you should buy a full sim rig or go for a wheel stand or you don’t know whether you’re better off buying a high-end direct drive wheel or something a little more entry level, we’re here to help you.

Shop with us now and you’ll be playing with top quality, brand-name gear that's built to last and supported by the original manufacturer. That’s important for you to know. You don’t want to buy any dodgy, cheap sim stuff. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of it on the market.

Don’t waste your hard-earned dollars on those crappy Chinese simulators you’ll find scattered all over eBay and Catch

There are some truly terrible sim rigs and accessories floating around the internet.

Every now and then I’ll scoot over to eBay or and check out all the crap sim gear on those marketplaces. Makes me mad to think about the faceless folks on eBay trying to part good people (like you) from their money with second-rate, crap quality simulators and accessories.

Two questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you hit the buy button…

1. Who is selling this stuff?

Can you really trust the folks on those marketplaces and the products they sell? There’s no real way to tell where they source products. You could be dealing with fake brand-name stuff, too. It’s like the Wild West, you don’t know what you’re getting!

On the other hand, we’re official resellers for every brand we sell online. Every product we list is sourced direct from the manufacturer. You can rest assured you’re buying REAL brand-name products, backed by a local, manufacturers’ warranty.

The second question you need to ask yourself before you lay down a single dollar is…

2. Can I trust these people?

It’s easy to hide away on eBay or Catch. You don’t even need an ABN to start listing goods. That means it’s open to rip-off merchants to infiltrate these marketplaces, sell all those dodgy goods and basically steal your hard-earned cash!

On the other hand, we’re a registered Australian business (Gamer Gear Direct is a division of the trustee for The Sterling Family Trust, ABN: 16 930 124 355).

You can contact us 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on (03) 9000 0545…or shoot us a quick email:

We’re a Melbourne based, family business run by a small bunch of simulator addicts and we've fast become Australia's No. 1 source for all-things simulation.

From racing to flight to golf, if you’re a serious simulation enthusiast racer or a weekend warrior and you’re shopping around for sim gear, we’ve got what you need.

From full simulator rigs to golf simulators, racing wheels and pedals, yokes, joysticks, monitors & monitor stands, gaming desks and chairs…we stock the lot.

We stock all the big brands including Next Level Racing, Playseat Thrustmaster, Logitech, Trak Racer, The Net Return, SkyTrak, Flightscope, Simagic and many more. Shop with us now for the best sim gear money can buy (hands down)

No matter what brand name gear you’re after, we’ve got it.

Better still, because we’re online-only and we don’t pay huge overheads, our prices are super-cheap.

While we don’t officially offer a price match, guarantee, if you do find something on the internet for a cheaper price, hit us up and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Superior customer service GUARANTEED. We’ll bend over backwards to help you out and make sure you get the best sim gear at the best price

We’ll do almost anything to make sure you’re a happy customer. That’s no wild claim either. To prove it, let me share a little story to share with you.

Just before Christmas 2019 I got a phone call from a super-distressed customer.

This lady was in hysterics because the Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 simulator rig she’d ordered for hubby hadn’t shown up. It was well over a week since we’d shipped it out (should have arrived within three days). Worse, the tracking details were telling us the package was delivered.

But our customer was adamant nothing had shown up. In fact, her hubby had taken unpaid leave for a day to sit around for when the package was due to arrive – but nothing showed up.

Now, what do you think 99% of those big box stores would do? Being so close to Christmas they’d probably tell you: ‘too bad, so sad’.

But we’re not ordinary online retailer. Fact is, we take pride in being EXTRAORDINARY.

My team and I got in touch with our partner warehouse that’s shipped the package and then spent the next 4 hours on the phones calling multiple courier agents and reps to track down where this package had ended up and try and have it delivered before Christmas.

So, what happened?

Well that monster effort on our part meant we eventually found the GTUltimate and had it delivered just before Chrissy morning. Here’s what that customer, Ashley had to say…

"I want to say a huge thank you to Blake and the team at Gamer Gear Direct. The service has been absolutely impeccable from the moment I first looked at items to the moment they were delivered. I bothered Blake quite a bit, but nothing was too much trouble and he went above and beyond to help me. 5 star service".

That's a pretty good testimonial, right?

Our business is based on making your shopping experience with us as pleasant and simple as possible. Our goal is to provide the best customer service on the planet.

We’re a pureblood online store. We don’t rent massive, bricks and mortar retail outlet or pay an army of staff. We run a tight ship, keep costs low and that means you save BIG TIME!

We keep overhead costs super-low by selling all products through our e-commerce store.

See, most traditional brick-and-mortar stores often have huge overhead costs. They need to pay lots of staff, rent and huge marketing costs. How do they pass on those costs? By jacking up the product prices you pay!

We’re different. We run a lean ship here. We ship directly from our warehouse facility in Dudley Park, South Australia or from one of our various partner warehouses - whichever is more efficient. That saves us money and we pass those savings onto YOU.

Here’s how you can start saving money
on your favourite sim gear right now

I’d like to help your save money when you shop with us, right now.

Here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to give you a $30 discount code (you can use for your first order on ANY product in our store with a value over $500). Consider it a gift from me to you for reading all the way to the end of our awesome about us page 😉

All I need in return is your best email address. Just type that email address in the box below and hit ‘Yes! I Want To Save $30’.

Not only will you receive a $30 discount code on your first order (for any product $500 and above), you'll also be upgraded to automatic VIP membership. This gives you first dibs on any deals, discounts and sales before the general public get a whiff.

From time to time we run sales that could save you HUNDREDS on top quality sim gear and accessories. But the only way you’ll get access to these crazy-awesome deals is by signing up below. Again, just type in your best email and hit ‘Yes! I Want To Save $30’.


If you’ve got any questions or queries don’t
hesitate to give us a call or drop an email…

Like I said at the start, we’re dedicated to helping you get the best sim gear at the best prices.

But I realise you might still have questions to throw our way. And we’re more than happy to help.

If you want more information on any products or you’ve got a general question, just email us at and we’ll get back to your with one business day (sometimes even sooner than that).

Or for a faster response, give us a call on (03) 9000 0545 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, Melbourne time.

Shopping at Gamer Gear Direct is 100% safe as we’ve got a water-tight checkout process. None of your financial details are stored with us. Our website is safe and secure.

Happy shopping and thanks for reading,

Blake ‘the boss man’ Sterling
Founder and Chief Sim Expert
Gamer Gear Direct
(03) 9000 0545

P.S. If you're looking to buy multiple items from our store, I'm more than happy to talk to you about a potential bundle discount deal. Just use the chat tool (bottom right of screen) to hit me up and we'll talk it out ;-)

P.P.S. If you've got any questions or queries, don't hesitate to call me or my team on (03) 9000 0545. We're usually flat out shipping the best sim gear to our customers around if you're call goes to message bank, leave your details and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.