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🤑🤑**SALE** Up To $162 Off Asetek La Prima Pedals🤑🤑

Gaming Mice

Grab a gaming mouse to polish off your sim rig

Controlling your sim rig with a gaming mouse can make one hell of a difference. At Gamer Gear Direct, we offer some of the best gaming mice that you can lay your hands on.

For starters, our gaming mice are ergonomically designed to fit all hand sizes, providing you with unmatched comfort and responsiveness.

And because RGB lighting is every gamer’s favourite part about sim rigs, our mice integrate programmable RGB LED lighting to complement your setup.

What’s more, you can program the mice’s buttons using the Allied software, giving you a high level of customisation.allied flashbang RGB gaming mouse The mechanical buttons on our allied gaming mice are tested for longevity. You can click on these buttons millions of times before any signs of failure start showing up. The same goes for the scroll wheel, too; everything here is designed for hardcore gamers! So you can abuse our mice as much as you want without worrying about breaking them.

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Forget about gamer smegma; our gaming mice boast a rubberised finish that protects your skin. Plus, you can adjust the mice’s sensitivity for more accurate handling of your in-game vehicles.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at our gaming bundles that include a gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset in a single package, at least if you want to save a few bucks. Of course, you can just pay in instalments at zero interest to enjoy your gear right away!

Additionally, we offer a 1-year warranty to protect you from manufacturing defects. Got a change of heart after your purchase? Worry not, because you can simply get a refund using our 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Scroll down and grab a quality gaming mouse for your rig now.

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