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Available Now: Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Racing Cockpit (From $1,199)
Available Now: Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Racing Cockpit (From $1,199)

Golf Mats

The perfect golf mat for your at-home golf simulator

An at-home golf simulator setup cannot be complete without a high-quality golf mat that provides the right degree of cushioning through impact and the feel of taking a divot with your iron.

As with virtually all products, golf mats come in different sizes and materials. Some are worthwhile, whereas others are a complete waste of money. Some have wide-spanning golf net compatibility; others are designed for specific golf nets.

guy swinging a golf club on a golf matAnd such a wide variety makes the process of finding the perfect golf mat for your simulator setup seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. Lucky for you, we’re here to simplify your selection process.

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We stock the best quality golf mats in Australia

At Gamer Gear Direct, we only stock the best golf mats on the market. Why overwhelm our customers with countless subpar products when we can zero in on a handful of products that strike an excellent balance between quality and pricing?

Our golf mats are made using high-quality materials—from first-class nylon to foam backing—to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Furthermore, our mats can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your setup and preference.

premium tee up golf matAs far as storage, our golf mats can be rolled up and stored with ease. They’re thick and hefty enough to provide ample cushioning and stability. Also, the fibres are lush and dense, ensuring excellent grip for your stance.

Choose your size and start playing!

Our high-quality golf mats are featured in a range of sizes to accommodate different simulator setups. For instance, the Net Premium Tee Up Golf Range measures 1.5m x 1.5m, whereas the Net Return Pro Turf measures 1.8m x 3m.

Also, note that not all our mats are shipped with tees. However, since most of our mats use dense, curly nylon grass yarn and have pre-drilled tee holes, you can use your own tees without any problems.

guy swinging a club on a golf matMoreover, our products are backed by a manufacturer warranty, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. As far as shipping, we’ve partnered with some of the fastest, most reliable couriers in Australia to offer timely deliveries. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll below and shop for your new golf mat today. 

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    Golf Tools Commercial Grade Driving Range Mat

    Original Price $649.00
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    The Golf Tools driving range mat is a commercial grade hitting mat that's the perfect partner for your golf simulator set-up The Golf Tools hitting...

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    Original Price $649.00
    Current Price $549.00
    Save $100.00
    Only 5 left!