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If you’re hunting for Thrustmaster sim racing wheel, pedals and accessories…you’re in exactly the right place!

At Gamer Gear Direct we stock a huge range of Thrustmaster wheels, pedals and accessories for your racing simulation rig. We stock most models, and we can ship direct to your door in a flash.

thrustmaster ts-xw racing wheel, t3pa pedals and power supply
So, if you’re in the market for a Thrustmaster T300, T150 pro or TMX pro wheel and pedals, scroll down below and start shopping. We’ve got all those models and more in stock and at great prices, too.

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Thrustmaster have crafted quality sim racing gear for over 30 years

Did you know Thrustmaster started out selling sim gear in the early nineties? For over three decades the company has stood at the forefront of the sim racing world, churning out classic gear that is loved by a passionate and ravenous sim racing community.

Best of all, Thrustmaster have gear to suit you no matter your skill level or budget.

If you’re just starting out in sim racing, and you’re looking for an entry level wheel to suit you, we’d recommend you check out the TMX pro or T150 pro. Both wheels include a set of Thrustmaster T3PA pedals and dynamic force feedback, so you’ll bumps, crashes, turns and terrain changes.

thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedals and TMX wheel and pedalsOr if you’re chasing a wheel that’s a step up from entry level, you could look at the Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, the T-GT or the top-of-the-line TS-XW. All three models feature a more potent force feedback system, upgraded materials and still include a set of Thrustmaster T3PA pedals.

thrustmaster t300 rs gt wheel and pedalsScroll below to start shopping for your Thrustmaster wheel now. Whichever Thrustmaster sim racing wheel you choose, your purchase is backed by a 2 year local warranty. And wheels are just the tip of the Thrustmaster range.

Thrustmaster produce some seriously good sim racing pedals, shifters, handbrakes and more

Thrustmaster have created an entire ecosystem of sim racing gear. You’ve got everything from wheels, to pedals, to shifters and more.

Want pedals? Thrustmasters’ T-LCM load cell pedals are the pick of the bunch, featuring an advanced load cell in the brake pedal that measures brake force rather than travel – just like a real brake pedal. The T-LCM pedals are guaranteed to provide you with a more realistic and immersive racing experience and even increase your racing consistency, too.

thrustmaster t-lcm pedals

The Thrustmaster TH8A is a classic ‘H’ pattern shifter that’s perfect for GT style racing titles. There’s also the TSS sequential shifter – great for rally style racing. The TSS also serves as a handbrake. So, you can purchase two units and have one set-up as your shifter and the second as a handbrake.

thrustmaster TSS handbrake and shifter and TH8A shifter side-by-side
There’s a lot more gear in the Thrustmaster range. Scroll below to look at what’s available.

We can ship your Thrustmaster gear Australia wide

Doesn’t matter where you’re located, we can ship your new Thrustmaster gear anywhere in the country. Order now and you can have your gear inside 4 to 5 days.

We’ve got multiple interest free payment options available including MoneyMe and LatitudePay. So, you can buy your Thrustmaster sim racing gear now and pay later!

We are here to help you choose the right Thrustmaster wheel, pedals and accessories. So, if you need a hand, simply use the chat app at the bottom right of your screen or email or call us.

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    The Thrustmaster T-GT II servo base hands you an immersive and realistic racing experience possible The Thrustmaster T-GT II servo base is a powerh...

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    Current Price $789.00
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