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🤑🤑**SALE** Up To $162 Off Asetek La Prima Pedals🤑🤑

Gomez Sim Industries

Gomez Sim Industries is arguably the gold standard for high-end sim racing wheels. By continually pushing the boundaries of technology, design, and innovation, GSI has etched its name on the global map of racing simulators. Each product in the GSI line is a testament to the commitment to superior performance, precision, and quality that sim racers have come to expect from this remarkable brand.

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Gomez Sim Industries (GSI)

With a blend of technical finesse and forward-thinking design, GSI has developed a broad range of products that offer unparalleled immersion and realism. From Australia to international audiences, this brand has captured the hearts of sim racers worldwide.

GSI is your no. 1 choice for high-end sim wheels

GSI has earned its place as the number one choice for high-end sim racing by consistently delivering products that exceed expectations. The dedication to enhancing the racing simulation experience is evident in every wheel and accessory crafted by GSI. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice entering the world of sim racing, GSI is the trusted companion to fuel your passion.

GSI Formula Pro Elite

The brand is recognised for its robust and durable products, employing state-of-the-art materials and technology. GSI has also been lauded for its commitment to customer service and support, ensuring users get the best out of their products.

So, why choose GSI? Because when you're part of the GSI team, you're always in pole position. Whether you're a newbie just getting your GT style wheels wet, or a seasoned racer with countless laps under your belt, GSI gives you the tools, the tech, and the performance edge to take your sim racing experience to the next level. And that, my friends, is why GSI is a true champion in the world of high-end sim racing.

Gomez Sim Industries sim wheel range

You know, when it comes to sim racing, having a superior wheel can make a world of difference. Think about it. In a realm where precision, control, and feedback are everything, wouldn't you want the best tool possible? That's exactly where Gomez Sim Industries, also known as GSI, comes into play. This lot are truly shaking up the sim racing scene with their high-quality, performance-driven sim racing wheels.

Ready to dive into the world of high-performance sim racing wheels? Let's take a lap around the track with the Gomez Sim Industries range. From pro-level precision to incredible realism, this is where the rubber meets the (virtual) road.

Gomez Sim Industries X-29

The GSI X-29 is one of the newer wheels to the GSI line-up and takes a no-frills approach to aesthetics and features. This open wheel is only available in a single colourway (rather than multiple colours and also custom colours as with all other GSI wheels), but still looks awesome. Designed to be a realistic formula and GT style wheel, the X-29 puts you right in the driver's seat. 

GSI X-29

The X-29 is not just about performance, it's also about quality. From the premium materials to the durable construction, it's built to withstand the most intense racing sessions and keep you at the top of your game.

Key features:

  • 10 RGB LED Buttons
  • 3 Rotary Encoders
  • 2 Multi Switches
  • Silicone Grips
  • 6061 Aluminium
  • 290mm Diameter

Shop Gomez Sim Industries X-29 Wheel

Gomez Sim Industries Hyper P1

The Hyper P1 is GSI’s ultimate creation that brings together everything you, the passionate sim racing community, have been urging for from GSI and so much more. 

GSI Hyper P1

Inspired by the adrenaline-pumping world of motorsports, our focus hasn't been just on performance but also on creating a wheel that can claim the pole position in our line-up with pride.

Every corner of this product, every minute detail, screams of superior quality. From the materials we've chosen to the way it's been crafted, GSI have left no stone unturned. It's a real showstopper, a ‘Halo’ product in every sense of the word, engineered to meet the high standards of the most discerning sim racer out there.

Key features:

  • 300mm Diameter
  • Hi-Res 4.3" LCD Touchscreen
  • 3 Seven-Way Multi Switches
  • 3 + 14 + 3 RGB LED Rev Lights
  • “CEMS N52” V2 Shifters
  • 5 Backlit RGB LED Push-Button Rotary Encoders With 5-way Functionality
  • 12 Momentary RGB LED Push Buttons
  • 72 Total Mappable Inputs
  • 88 Addressable RGB LEDs

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Gomez Sim Industries GXL Pro Sim Racing Wheel

Say hello to the GXL Pro. Sporting much of the same wizardry as the Formula Pro Elite, the GXL Pro brings it all in a sleeker design and without a screen in sight. This stunner of a wheel is as robust as they come, offering an irresistible blend of strength and eye-catching aesthetics.


But what's it made of, you ask? Well, let's dive in! The GXL Pro is a masterpiece, constructed from 3 core materials: a 5mm matte twill carbon fibre faceplate for lightweight toughness, 6061 aluminium for that rock-solid strength, and direct-injection silicone rubber handles to give your hands the perfect grip and comfort they deserve.

Simply put, the GXL Pro is more than just a wheel; it's a game-changer. Stripped down to the essentials, it's perfect for the competitive sim racer who means business. No frills, no fuss, just raw, unadulterated racing power at your fingertips. 

Key features:

  • 310mm Diameter
  • 5mm Thick Carbon Fibre Faceplate
  • “CEMS N52” V2 Shifters
  • Direct-Injection Silicone Handles
  • 6061 Aluminium Components
  • 10 Momentary Buttons
  • 5 Push-Button Rotary Encoders
  • 7-Way Funky Switch

Shop Gomez Sim Industries GXL Pro Wheel

Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite Sim Racing Wheel

Get ready to meet the Formula Pro Elite, the sim steering wheel that's packed with everything you could ever want and more. Built with the finest materials and a commitment to top-notch construction, the Formula Pro Elite wheel isn't just about controlling your ride - it's about feeling every inch of the track beneath you. No flex, no settling for second best.

GSI Formula Pro Elite

Wondering what these GT style wheels are made of? Three core materials define this beast: 5mm matte twill carbon fibre for that feather-light yet sturdy feel, 6061 aluminium for absolute rigidity, and direct-injection silicone rubber handles to provide that perfect grip and unbeatable comfort.

But wait, there's more! This wheel also boasts a high-res LCD touchscreen and dazzling RGB LED rev lights. What's cooler? You can customise these lights to your heart's content within all of today's popular sim software.

Key features:

  • 310mm Diameter
  • Hi-Res 4.3" LCD Touchscreen
  • 7-Way Multi Switch
  • RGB LED Rev Lights
  • “CEMS N52” V2 Shifters
  • 5mm Carbon Fibre Faceplate
  • Direct-Injection Silicone Handles
  • 6061 Aluminium Components

Shop Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite Wheel

Gomez Sim Industries GT-MAX32 Sim Racing Wheel

Strap in, because the GT-MAX32 is about to take you on a ride you won't forget! This baby is the result of everything we've learned, amplified and boosted to a whole new level of cutting-edge technology, construction, and assembly.


And here's a sim racing first: the GT-MAX32 boasts a continuous moulded carbon footprint. You heard that right! The face and outer circular rim of this wheel are one unified carbon fibre unit. We've thrown in silicone overmolded handles too, giving you unparalleled grip and strength, and all this without adding a gram of extra weight.

The GT-MAX32 isn't just about stepping up your game - it's about rewriting the rules of sim racing. Light, powerful, and sculpted for the perfect grip, it's all about taking your sim racing experience from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye.

Key features:

  • 5” High-Res LCD Touchscreen
  • 3 Seven-Way Multi Switches
  • 4 + 16 + 4 RGB LED Rev Lights
  • “CEMS N52” V2 Shifters
  • One-Piece Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Direct-Injection Silicone Handles
  • 6061 Aluminium Components
  • 320mm Diameter
  • 8 Momentary RGB LED Push Buttons
  • 5 Backlit RGB LED Push-Button Rotary Encoders With 5-Way Functionality

Shop Gomez Sim Industries GT-MAX32 Wheel

There you have it - the full GSI range. Each wheel is designed with a unique focus but all share the same commitment to quality, performance, and realism. No matter which one you choose, you're not just getting a sim racing wheel - you're getting a game-changer. So, strap in, hold tight, and let's hit the track!

To put it simply, GSI has truly redefined performance in the world of sim racing wheels. They've turned up the heat, raised the bar, and set a new standard for what's possible in the realm of virtual racing. So, whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, when it comes to choosing a sim racing wheel, make sure you're not settling for less. Trust me, with GSI, you're always on the fast track to a mind-blowing racing experience.

GSI accessories breakdown

Now, let's take a pit stop at the Gomez Sim Industries AH50 Wheel Hub. This isn't your average hub. It's like the conductor of your sim racing orchestra, connecting all the different parts of your racing wheel and letting them work in perfect harmony. From high-quality materials to its flawless design, these wheel hubs with single or dual clutch are designed to last the distance.

GSI AH50 Wheel Hub

Then we have the quick-change artist of the sim racing world, the Gomez Sim Industries QRS-1 Quick Release System. Imagine needing to switch from your GT wheel to an F1 style mid-game. 

Sounds like a bit of a hassle, right? 

Well, not with the QRS-1 system. It's all about making those wheel changes as quick and easy as possible, letting you adapt to any racing scenario in seconds. Plus, its robust design ensures secure and stable connections, so you can focus on nailing that apex rather than worrying about your wheel setup.

Seamless compatibility with direct drive wheelbases

One of the key reasons why GSI stands out in the crowded field of sim racing gear is its seamless compatibility with high-end direct drive wheelbases. 

Hyper P1 with Simucube Wheelbase

In the world of sim racing, there's nothing quite like the feeling of a direct drive wheelbase. These powerhouses are renowned for their ultra-realistic force feedback and granular control detail - it's like holding the steering wheel of a real race car. But to unlock their full potential, you need a wheel that's up to the task. That's where GSI comes in.

GSI's sim racing wheels have been designed from the ground up to work flawlessly with high-end direct drive wheelbases. They take the raw power of the direct drive system and channel it into a rich, responsive, and immersive racing experience. The connection is smooth, the performance is rock solid, and the integration is so seamless, you'll forget you're not actually on the track.

Moreover, the compatibility extends across multiple direct drive wheelbase brands. That's right! You're not limited to a specific brand or model. So, whether you're a Fanatec devotee, a Simucube fanatic, or an AccuForce aficionado, you can be confident that your GSI wheel will play nicely with your preferred direct drive system.


From their top-of-the-line wheels and meticulously crafted sim rig accessories to their seamless integration with high-end direct drive wheelbases, Gomez Sim Industries has upped the game when it comes to sim racing wheels.

As we've journeyed through this exploration of all things GSI, remember that at the core of their innovation lies a love for racing that drives everything they do. From the painstakingly engineered designs to the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology, every decision is guided by a simple question: How can we make sim racing even more realistic, immersive, and thrilling?

When you choose GSI, you're not just getting a product. You're getting a promise - a promise to bring you closer to the racetrack than ever before. You're stepping into a world where the roar of the engine, the feeling of the track under your wheels, and the thrill of the chase is just a part of the daily race.

So, buckle up, ignite your sim racing engines, and prepare for an unparalleled sim racing experience.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Gomez Sim Industries over other sim racing wheel manufacturers?

Well, GSI is all about raising the bar in the sim racing world! We focus on superior performance, high-end materials, innovative design, and customizable features in our GT style wheels. All of our products scream quality, durability, and luxury. It's the Gomez Sim difference!

Are the GSI sim racing wheels compatible with my existing wheelbase?

Absolutely! Our GSI sim racing wheels have been designed to easily fit a variety of high-end direct drive wheelbases. We believe in seamless integration so that you can dive right into the action without a hitch.

What kind of materials are used in the construction of GSI wheels?

We use a blend of 5mm Matte Twill Carbon Fiber, 6061 Aluminum, and Direct-Injection Silicone Rubber handles. This combo delivers maximum strength, lightweight operation, and a comfortable grip. It's the perfect trio!

Do GSI sim racing wheels come with a screen?

The Hyper P1 and Formula Pro Elite models feature high-resolution LCD touchscreens. However, if you prefer a screenless experience, the X-29 or Hyper SL models would be the perfect fit for you!

What's the deal with the GT-MAX32's continuous moulded carbon footprint?

The GT-MAX32 is the first sim racing wheel to be made from a continuous moulded carbon footprint. It means the face and outer rim are one single unit of carbon fibre, adding strength and reducing weight. It's a game-changing innovation!

How do I mount my new GSI wheel?

Mounting your GSI wheel is a breeze! We've included an easy-to-follow guide that walks you through the process step-by-step. You'll be up and racing in no time.

What is the GSI warranty policy?

All our gsi sim racing wheels come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We stand behind our products, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Are there any accessories I can buy for my GSI wheel?

Absolutely! We have a range of high-quality accessories including the AH50 Wheel Hub and the QRS-1 Quick Release System. Enhance your racing experience and give yourself the edge with these GT style wheels and top-notch accessories.

How customizable are the RGB LED Rev Lights on the Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite?

You can fully customise the RGB LED Rev Lights of Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite to your heart's content within all of today's popular sim software. It's all about creating the sim racing experience that's just right for you!

What is the shipping time for GSI products?

We strive to ship your orders as quickly as possible. Generally, it takes about 3-5 business days to process and ship your order. However, for more specific purchase or credit refund information on these hand-built products, you can check our shipping policy or reach out to our customer service team. Each payment is secure and your favourite Gomez Sim Industries are shipped within time.