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🎄🎄Christmas Sale Now On! Save Up To $700🎄🎄

Gamer Gear Direct Customer Reviews

Based on 6220 reviews

Trak Racer TR120 Racing Simulator Cockpit

Impressive features and visuals, not so great steam integration.

I have a Vive Pro 2 with similar resolution but the Aero visuals are much better due to the optics - no fresnel effect.
While it has foveated rendering I have yet to be able to take advantage of it in any games I have tried.
Hardware wise I cannot fault and have no issues to recommend if you have the budget.
I also found the Aero had better adjustments and comfort. The downside was no video pass-through means having to take on/off more than the Vive.
The only technical issue I had was with chromatic aberration for which Varjo provided a fix. Just not sure why it can’t be address permanently.
Gamer Gear Direct were very responsive when I contacted then initially on this.
The biggest ongoing annoyance I have is that the Vive Pro 2 allows you to interact with Steam without using controllers (I mainly use steering wheels and Hotas) using a button on the headset to click on steam options like recentre. The Aero does not allow this, you can only interact with its own base software (virtual desktop) and it does not have a simple recentre option that I can find.

Great controller

Invicta pedals

The quality and look are second to none
The brake The way I have set it up feels like the real thing and my lap times are so consistent
The best up grade I have done !!!

Asetek Forte wheel

It's lay out is perfect for me with perfect amount of buttons and inconders ,the build quality is one of the best.
Love it


Amazing bed great quality but the price of shipping was a bit extreme considering it’s all Aussie made but other than that great product


It is fantastic.
It make you feel like your conected to the track and I am so much more consistent

Awesome CSX3

Never had a cube controls wheel and the CSX3 didn’t disappoint! Easy to setup with Simhub and configuration a dream, in terms of driving, it’s slightly larger than the Fanatec formula wheel and smaller than the McLaren GT wheel making it perfect for both Formula and GT cars. Screen is excellent and all Simhub dashes just work on it perfectly.
Added 0.5mm rubber pad to shifter to reduce click sound and together with the podium hub and new QR2, it looks stunning.


This is the wheelbase I've been seeking and should have purchased right from the start!!

The feel is amazing, the torque, incredible!! If I want, I can turn it up so high I can't physically turn the wheel!! The main thing you don't want is to have while sim racing, is clipping, and with 25nm at my disposal, I'm not going to suffer that EVER again. The wheelside adapter made it really easy to convert my Fanatec wheel to the new base, and it's amazing.

This is a brilliant wheel base, easy to set up, and has incredible feel. 100% would recommend to anyone looking to start or upgrade.

Blake and the guys at GGD were brilliant to deal with, answered ALL my questions along the way, it is a fair investment to purchase, but they were brilliant no matter how many times I changed my mind or hit them with mundane questions about compatibility etc.

Do yourself a favour, and GET ONE!!

F-Core wheel

On time postage. Product was above my expectations. Great formula wheel with dual clutch, best value for your money. Would highly recommend this wheel and website software.

MOZA Racing ES Formula Wheel Mod
Fantastic rim mod for the Moza ES wheel

Fantastic rim mod, transforms the ES wheel into a GT style wheel for cheap, and improves the R5 feel and FFB, due to this mod being 400g lighter than the standard ES rim. Only takes 5 mins to swap the rims over too.
Compared to having to buy a whole new GT wheel for $$$, this is a worthwhile upgrade.


This thing is so good, easy to get up, adjustable ball bounce back and the screen is really high quality. All up a good spec set up

The bed was perfect with the table being better than I expected

Series Problems with TruGolf Mini

I’m afraid I have had serious problems with getting the TruGolf Mini (TGM) to work. I have a recent M2 iPad Pro, and so it has the latest bluetooth and processing tech that Apple has. The E6 software runs fine (looks very cool!) on the iPad. Alas, the TGM does not consistently connect with the iPad, so I cannot swing and hit the E6 “ball". I have contacted tech support twice, and received quick replies, but even after carefully following all the advice, the TGM sensor still does not reliably connect.

Since my problem has not been resolved after nearly 3 weeks, I must give this product a poor review and I cannot recommend that others purchase it.

I can only hope I can get a refund as this is an expensive computer game that I cannot get to work despite having the necessary computer tech.


MOZA Racing HGP Shifter
Scott H
Best Value H Pattern Shifter

Such a satisfying, realistic mechanical “clunk” when you shift into gear. Absolutely awesome value. Thanks so much!

Great purchase

I bought this for my grandson�s birthday, he absolutely loves it! It�s great because it can be folded down to save space.

Sturdy and the kiddo loves it

Bought for my son and he was so excited that he actually helped build it! It does take some time to put together the plastic spacer plugs for the cross bars are very difficult to put into the gap. I suggest a flat head to help push them in. Make sure it�s in the room you want it in for a while because taking this thing apart is not a option. Holds a 32in TV and the Xbox no problem, threw a couple of bean bags on the other side and the kids set to never move or come out again. Cheers!

The perfect mat !! Awesome feel !!

Definitely the perfect mat , most realistic feel ive experienced in a range mat .
I have it placed on loose sand and no movement after hitting balls .
Mat arrived interstate in super fast time , excellent communication and tracking !!

Asetek Invicta QR

Another beautiful piece of gear from Asetek! Using it to mount Grid MOX to Forte base, used the middle sized extension, fantastic quality item. Shipment was quick once QR had arrived in country. Really good communication from GGD. 100% recommendation for GGD and Asetek

Kid�s Command Center

Great product, It looks amazing and my kid loves it. Some of the side pannels did not line up right and were difficult to screw in but in the end it was worth it.

Comfortable for gaming boys

so far so good just put it up

SG shifter

Love the SG shifter, bolted on no problems, plug and play to perfection, nice positive shift, highly recommend. Cheers to Gamer Gear, awesome customer service, kept me up to date from receipt of order to delivery, cheers GGD
Thank you.


Perfect for my games etc.. love the style in the led light around outstanding

Gaming chair

Comfy gaming chair for teenager.
I would recommend.

Great features too this, wonderful for a gamer!

Ordered for my little boys room and he loves it it goes with his gamer accessories and he�s never off it, very smart and comfortable