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Gamer Gear Direct Customer Reviews

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Aiologs Sequential Shifter
Luke Otto de grancy

sturdy, looks great, just the rite amount of pressure for shifting, highly reckomend this shifter, super solid and affordable

Built like a tank, but smooth as silk

Really ummed and ahhed about replacing my fanatec shifter, but so glad I have, not only does it perform brilliantly, it also looks amazing, every game I've tried on pc has had no issue with either the shifter or the handbrake.

Heavy Duty with an emphasis on 'heavy'

Great product, really well thought out. If I could have 2 gripes they would be: 1 - The swivel hinges themselves are a little cheap and I worry about them wearing out over time. 2 - The keyboard deck is steel rather than aluminum - It is HEAVY! But when you have a heavy duty rig and want it to be invincible you can't go wrong - its also modular and could easily be swapped out for an aluminum tray or even a cheap piece of MDF if you wanted to. Excellent range of adjustment, colour me happy!

Easy Setup

I am new to flight simulation and I am excited about VelocityOne. The only problem is the training session not recognizing that I have looked around the cockpit. At this point the training does't move forward. I may have tinkered with the settings and changed a command function. I wouldn't mind a factory reset function. Graphics are great. World map flying is awesome.

Realistic flight yoke.

Feels good flying MSFS 2020 single, twin and quad engine plans. All buttons work perfectly for the way I have them set up. Works both on Series X & PC, Highly recommend this product.

The "Price is Right", ever heard that before?

The "Price is Right", ever heard that before? This system won me over after lots of research on which one to buy.!! Great "Trim Wheel", and overall handling performance. Yoke takes a little while to loosen up with it's pitch cylinder, but that's the only draw-back.

just get it

It is a game changer, period.

good product

Easy setup and works awesome with Microsoft Flight Sim

Most complete and realistic flight control system for Xbox and PC

I've had several flight sticks, separate yoke and rudder control systems, but I like the Turtle Beach Velocity controls much better. The system has complete flight and functional capabilities that no other systems have. The built in display system lets you make adjustments to selections and choose between Xbox configuration and PC setup. It even has color LED indicators that are supposed to show certain functions and status like landing gear up/down. They still need to update the firmware to make the status LED panel fully functional, but just having them on the dashboard is a nice visual effect. Highly recommended.

almost perfect

It is a wonderful add on for any beginner. Only things I wish they would have thought more about.
1. Make it where you can remove the throttle quadrant and mount it separate. Very annoying it is attached.
2. Add USB hub to it so I can attach other things I use for flight.
3. Make the top flat so I can lay a keyboard or a button box on it.
4. some way to adjust the tension of the yoke and throttle and mixtures.

GT4 Wheel

Great wheel, can’t stop using it,


The only problem is that these are marked up 2.5 time compared to if they are bought directly from eRacingLab...

Very pleased with Gamer Gear Direct.

Delivery was prompt, it's very easy to get in touch with the company to discuss any queries you may have.

My product arrived with slight damage and the customer service team here immediately got to work resolving the issue for me.

I'll be returning to gamer gear direct for my sim racing hardware in the future.

Exceeded expectations!

The Simworx pedals exceeded expectations due to their indestructible build quality and level of adjustment available to suit any sim racing enthusiast. They have enhanced the appearance of my Formula rig and assisted me in achieving better lap times. They feel familiar and are intuitive to use due to their similarity with real racing pedals. They are designed, developed and hand built at the Simworx HQ in Melbourne. If you are after a very high quality set of pedals for a comparatively reasonable price, you have found the one!

VelocityOne is Awesome

Works well with MSFS2020

Worthy Upgrade

Long time coming, but the old wooden rig has now been replaced with a fully adjustable ali rig!. This thing is rigid! Gives me a level of setup I never had before. Beautifully packed. Really good manual. Lap times are already more consistent.

I am currently enrolled in a private pilot course and poor weather has prevented me from flying. To help me with muscle memory I purchased this controller as it has the same throttle control as the Cessna I train in and a physical trim wheel.

Setting it up was easy and very intuitive. It's not a perfect mirror to fly a Cessna but if you get it just to practice muscle memory and help with your flow while doing checklist it is a very helpful tool on days that I can't get in the air.

Immersive, Intuitive and Simple!!

I absolutely love this yoke and throttle quadrant! It works wonderfully for each and every plane in MSFS 2020. On my system, Windows 11, it only took a few minutes to get it up and running. It takes a little bit of setting up profiles for each plane, but after its setup it feels natural to have and use. It has a few pre-set profiles out of the box that work well but the serious simmer, they will probably want to create their own. There are a few instructional YouTube videos that go into detail on how to accomplish a better profile for what you need and give tons of information on how to accomplish it. Make sure that you get the latest firmware update so the detents work for the throttle and you can assign them for your reverse thrust on some of the planes. Also you must download a small separate app in order to have SIP, Status Indicator Panel, lights on the front of the yoke to work, but its easy to use and not invasive at all. The way it clamps to your desk/table is ingenious. With the provided "wrench" it takes only a few seconds to mount. The construction is strong and sturdy and doesn't feel weak or frail like it will break in a few weeks or months. One of the best features of this yoke and throttle quadrant I like, buttons buttons buttons!! You are not limited to only being able to assign just a few buttons to a few actions, you have a plethora of buttons. This makes it easy to assign actions and not have to worry if you have enough buttons to assign an action to. Overall the price is about right, just a bit high, but for someone who doesn't want to break the bank but still get the immersion, this is well worth the money. You will not be disappointed or have buyers regret when you purchase the VelocityOne by Turtle Beach. I have been loving every minute of use! Happy and safe flying!!

works well, has some limitations

this controller works well and has the majority of the functionality that you need. The unfortunate part is that you cannot include a set of rudder pedals (at least with the xbox). Also, I find that when I attempt to use the xbox controller to select items in MSFS20 to manipulate, the xbox does not respond very well with both the controller and this flight controller actively applying inputs.

Amazing Flight Yolk

I purchased this to use with Microsoft Flight Simulator on my Xbox Series S and it is absolutely brilliant. The Velocity One was ready to use after a very quick setup and update and the device profile was already on Flight Sim. I have been using both the default and the twin jet profile and the controls are incredibly accurate and realistic. Having a throttle quadrant really makes a difference to the sim experience along with an accurate feeling yolk. The buttons are all fully programmable and there is a huge amount of stickers included to customize the buttons to your own preferences. The only criticism I have is the description talks about the status indicator panel which is currently not supported on xbox. All in all this is a brilliant bit of kit and takes Flight Sim to a whole new level on Xbox

Great bit of kit to help make the whole flight sim better.

Pricey, but a great yoke.

I was skeptical about the price but after researching the yoke I'm glad I purchased it.

As a casual flight simulator player this is perfect for how much I play. Easy to set up just 2 USB-C cords needed (which are provided) to power this. No extra wall plug needed.

Highly recommend. Love the full 90� turn on the yoke.

LOVE this Yoke!

Feels great, lights are nice touch! Made flying with an Xbox controller primitive!

Absolutely love it for MSFS on my Series X!!!