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Anda Seat gaming chairs now in stock. CLICK HERE for details

Gaming Monitors

If you’re passionate about racing and flight simulation, you’ll want to invest in a proper gaming monitor – one that can handle the demands that come with fast-paced racing/flight titles like Assetto Corsa, iRacing & Ace Combat.

aoc 49 inch ultra wide gaming monitorYou want to be sure you’ve got the right balance between resolution, refresh rate, response time and adaptive sync technology. Plus, you need to consider the demands of a higher-end display on your video card.

But the two specs you really need to pay special attention to when shopping for a gaming monitor are refresh rate and response time.

  1. Refresh rate – the number of times per second a gaming monitor draws a fresh image
  2. Response time – is the time it takes a monitor to shift from one colour to the next

You want a gaming monitor with a high refresh rate (for example 120Hz) and a quick response time (1ms – 5ms). The best gaming monitors – and those you should be looking at. That’s because you want a gaming monitor that can handle the fast-paced action demands of most racing and flight simulation titles.

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We only stock gaming monitors packing the essential specs you need for a great simulation experience

We’ve carefully curated a range of gaming monitors that best suit racing and flight simulation.

guy racing on racing simulator with triple gaming monitors

So, when you buy a gaming monitor from Gamer Gear Direct, you know you’re buying a monitor specifically chosen to give you a first-rate simulation experience.

Browse below for our full range of gaming monitors.

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    AOC 27 Inch Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor (27G2E5)

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    The AOC 27G2E5, 27 inch Full HD IPS gaming monitor is a standout budget monitor for your favourite racing and flight sim titles Looking for a great...

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    Original Price $299.00
    Current Price $293.00
    Save $6.00
    Only 2 left!