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🎄🎄Christmas Sale Now On! Save Up To $700🎄🎄

MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing has quickly become a household name in the sim racing niche. Despite only being on the market for a short while, its hardware challenges top suppliers like Fanatec and Thrustmaster.

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 MOZA offers an entire ecosystem with direct drive steering wheels, sim racing pedals, shifters, handbrakes, accessories and Pit House calibration software.

Moza Racing Logo and Wheel

The Hong Kong-based company is filled with automotive engineers and sim racers. This allows for high-quality development with a sim racing focus.

Table of Contents

  1. MOZA Racing history
  2. MOZA Racing Wheelbases
    1. MOZA R5 Wheel Base
    2. MOZA R9 Wheel Base
    3. MOZA R16 Wheel Base
    4. MOZA R21 Wheel Base
  3. MOZA Racing Steering Wheels
    1. ES Steering Wheel
    2. CS V2 Steering Wheel
    3. GS V2 Steering Wheel
    4. RS V2 Steering Wheel
    5. FSR Formula Wheel
  4. MOZA Racing Pedals
    1. SR-P Lite Pedals
    2. SR-P Pedals
    3. CRP Pedals
  5. MOZA Racing Accessories
    1. CM Racing Dash
    2. RM Digital Dashboard
  6. Pit House calibration software
  7. FAQ

MOZA Racing history

Hailing from Hong Kong, Gudsen MOZA is a world-leading manufacturer of camera stabilisers, gimbal cameras and sim racing gear. The company employs many automotive engineers due to another branch developing vehicle stability technology.

Gudzen Moza

These circumstances allow MOZA Racing to produce high-quality automotive-grade products for sim racers. Though that may be the case, MOZA hardware doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

Offering a wide variety, from definite entry-level wheelbases to high-end ones, MOZA Racing offers something for everyone. Below you’ll find a walkthrough of the full MOZA Racing range.

MOZA Racing Wheelbases

MOZA Racing produces several wheelbases. Whether you are new to direct drive technology or you’re hunting for a high-end direct drive wheelbase, MOZA has something for you.

The naming conventions for MOZA wheelbases are simple, the number in the name tells you the max torque output of the wheelbase.

All wheelbases are manufactured using high-quality, aviation-grade aluminium and feature a smart temperature control system. But that’s just the start. MOZA Racing wheelbases are also packed with zero latency wireless technology that ensures minimum input delay from hardware to the game you are playing.

All wheelbases feature quad-core processors to ensure lightning fast inputs. Last but not least, all wheelbase settings can be imported into your new sim and tweaked via the Pit House calibration software, as well as the unique and easy-to-use MOZA app.

MOZA R5 Wheelbase

This entry-level wheelbase is the perfect option for anybody looking to enter the direct drive scene. Utilising aviation-grade aluminium, it pushes out 5.5 Nm peak torque.

At just 174mm long and 124mm tall, this wheelbase packs some serious muscle in a compact and easy-to-use package.

Moza Racing R5 Wheelbase

The 15 bit motor encoder ensures accurate and precise inputs. While the military-grade conductive slip ring (which connects the base to the wheel) has a lifespan of 5 million revolutions. The unique patented design has extremely high stability and durability while achieving infinite high-speed rotation.

While there are more powerful wheelbases on the market, the R5 is perfect if you’re keen to get a direct drive wheelbase on a budget.

The R5 (at the time of writing) is also bundled with the SR-P Lite pedals and a table top mount.

MOZA R9 Wheelbase

Moza Racing R9 Wheelbase

Delivering 9 Nm of peak torque, this wheelbase is the R5’s big brother. Offering more torque and fidelity, you’ll instantly feel terrain changes and all core vehicle handling characteristics like traction loss, turn-in, bump, crashes and more.

At just 24cm long and 5kg, this is a compact wheelbase that’s got enough power to take your sim racing experience to a whole new level of excitement and immersion.

If your budget can stretch a little further than R5 money, we recommend the R9. It’s easily one of the best value direct drive wheelbases for the money. Not only does this wheelbase produce similar torque to the Simagic Alpha Mini, it’s over $200 cheaper (at the time of writing). The R9 is a perfect upper entry-level wheelbase.

MOZA R16 Wheelbase

The MOZA R16 direct drive wheelbase boasts 16 Nm of peak torque. With smooth and zero-latency delivery, you can confidently use the R16 across any racing title knowing you’ll enjoy maximum immersion and realism.

Moza Racing R16 Wheelbase

The R16 housing design is inspired by modern day supercars and hypercars. You can instantly see this influence when you gaze upon the R16 wheelbase. There’s no plain black rectangle block design that most direct drive wheelbases share. Instead, you can see a swooping, sporty and all-aluminium design.

There are two colourways available, black or black and orange.

Like other MOZA direct drive wheelbases, the R16 incorporates superior temperature control, a high resolution encoder (262,144 points of resolution), zero latency wireless technology between the wheel and wheelbase and quad-core architecture for maximum precision at all times.

MOZA R21 Wheelbase

The MOZA Racing R21 direct drive wheelbase is the big brother of the R16. This wheelbase features the same sleek design as the R16, but packs a massive 21Nm of torque. The torque delivery is smooth and free from cogging, maximising your in-game feel and fidelity.

Moza Racing R21 Wheelbase

MOZA Racing Wheels

MOZA Racing offers a wide selection of racing wheels compatible with all MOZA wheelbases. You can choose from open wheels and GT-style wheels. Let’s walk through each wheel model now.

ES Steering Wheel

ES Steering Wheel

The ES racing wheel sports 22 programmable buttons allowing you to make quick adjustments and enact functions on the fly. With an aluminium alloy frame and hand-made stitch leather grips, MOZA Racing has manufactured this wheel in high quality.

The best thing, however, is the wheels’ customizability. You can choose a round steering wheel design or choose the Formula Wheel mod add-on. Both sport a size of 280mm.

The Formula Wheel add-on can be purchased separately. Grab both and you can quickly change between GT and F1 racing.

CS V2 Steering Wheel

Moza Racing CS Steering WheelThe CS V2 is a round wheel with 6 programmable, tactile feedback key buttons, 2 joysticks and 2 rotaryencoders.

The CS wheel also incorporates an RGB shifting strip that is colour customisable via the Pit House software. The aluminium alloy frame and carbon fibre shifter paddles perfectly round out the offerings of this wheel. The wheel is 330mm in diameter.

GS V2 GT Wheel

Moza Racing GS V2 Steering Wheel

The GS V2 is a GT/Formula wheel. You can use it in GT3 racing or slip into an F1 race car. This wheel does the lot!

With a 300mm diameter, ten mechanical push buttons, five rotary encoders, two thumb encoders and two joysticks, this is one feature packed wheel.

The cherry on top is the customisable RGB lighting on buttons as well as on the gear shift indicator.

RS V2 Racing Wheel

Moza Racing RS V2 Steering Wheel

The RS V2 racing wheel comes in two styles - round and D-shaped. The grips on both versions are covered in high-quality leather and the wheel features a 330mm diameter. This all-rounder wheel also comes packed with a dual-clutch system with magnetic shifters.

Ten RGB programmable buttons, two joysticks and two rotary encoders define the controls of this wheel. The RS V2 also features an RPM/shift indicator made from sequential flow lighting. The 10 RGB lights are fully customisable with 7 different colours.

The included customized quick-release system is derived from the real race cars and allows you to switch quickly between wheels whilst ensuring a solid and stable connection.

FSR Formula Wheel

Moza Racing FSR Steering Wheel

The FSR Formula Wheel is the ultimate sim racing wheel for any Formula driver. Not only does it feature a grand array of buttons and encoders, but also a 4.3 inch digital dash built into the faceplate of the wheel.

A carbon fibre plate and perforated leather grips perfect the high-quality feel of the wheel. The FSR allows RGB customisation on the RPM and shifting indicator.

If you are looking to race Formula cars predominantly, this wheel is all you’ll ever need in your sim racing arsenal.

MOZA Racing Pedals

Pedals are arguably the most important component in your sim racing set-up. Without proper pedals it can be incredibly difficult to brake and accelerate precisely as well as consistently turn in competitive lap times. MOZA Racing’s range of sim racing pedals are built to the highest standards and are robust enough to handle even the toughest racing conditions.

SR-P Lite Pedals

The SR-P Lite is the entry-level pedal new racers can look forward to. Made from high-strength steel, you will not need to worry about breaking it.

Moza Racing SR-P Lite Pedals

High-precision hall sensors give you consistent performance. Although the hall sensor system won’t compete with comparative load cell or hydraulic pedal sets, for entry-level peripherals, these pedals will do the job (but we still recommend you upgrade to load cell or hydraulic pedals as soon as you can as the performance difference is HUGE).

Pedal input curves can be adjusted via the MOZA Racing Pit House software.

SR-P Lite pedals boast adjustable pedal spacing. The pedal footrest can be height-adjusted depending on your feet and preferences. This adjustability allows you to set-up your pedals to suit your specific needs.

The flexible design also allows the pedals to be mounted in an inverted position.

SR-P Pedals

Moza Racing SR-P Pedals

SR-P upgrades you to load cells across the throttle, brake and clutch pedals. The brake pedal itself features a maximum pressure range of 75 kg. Overall the SR-P load cell pedals are leaps and bounds ahead of the Lite pedals when it comes to performance and precision.

Like the Lite version, the SR-P load cell pedals boast oodles of adjustability and you’re able to adjust each pedal including the spacing between each pedal. You can calibrate and fine-tune your SR-P pedals in the Pit House software.

CRP Load Cell Pedals

MOZA’s premium CRP load cell pedals boast a race car inspired design and are made primarily from CNC machined aluminium. The 3 stage clutch pedal and load cell brake allow for precise pedal performance that will have you smashing previous lap times with lower grade pedals.

Moza Racing CRP Pedals

You can easily change the resistance of each pedal individually, using the included springs and damping blocks to create your perfect pedal feel. You can use the adjustable knobs to customise pedal travel, for even more comfort options and the perfect fit. Configure linearity easily in the MOZA Racing Pit House app.

MOZA Racing Accessories

MOZA Racing’s ecosystem includes a host of accessories that complement the range of wheelbases, wheels and pedals.

Moza Racing RM Digital Dashboard

Digital dash’s are fast becoming essential accessories. Not only does a dash look cool, you’ve got all your essential telemetry data in front of you at a quick glance. MOZA currently produces two digital dashes. The first is the RM model. This dash pairs with the R16 and R21 wheelbases and features 16.7 million colours, and a crisp 800x480 resolution on a 5-inch panel. You can check your car status, see lap times and so much more in incredible detail.

Moza Racing CM Racing Dash

The CM dash features similar specs but is compatible with the entry-level R5 and R9 direct drive wheelbases. It features a thin and floating 5 inch display, a 60 Hz refresh rate and seven styles of interfaces.

The MOZA Universal HUB allows all your MOZA hardware to be plugged into one USB terminal. This combines all the USB slots needed into just one for all MOZA hardware.

Moza Racing Accessories

A must-have upgrade if you are going for the SR-P Lite pedals is the brake pedal performance kit, allowing for a more realistic brake pedal feeling.

There are plenty more accessories to choose from including the SR-P upgrade kit for the SR-P load cell pedals. This kit allows you to customise your brake pedal with different springs and damping compounds.

You can also upgrade your MOZA Racing gear with a quick release hub, a table clamp, various mounts and even an electric E-Stop Switch.

Custom Pit House Software

On top of its hardware solutions, MOZA Racing offer custom software in the form of Pit House. This software allows you to quickly and easily tweak and calibrate all your MOZA gear from wheels to wheelbases and pedals.

Moza Racing Pit House

You can fine-tune wheel movement, force feedback settings, select digital dash screens and tweak pedal outputs. You can also set-up LED functionality and pattern. Of course, customising the pedal input is also possible using this software.


Q: Should I wear gloves when using a direct drive wheel and wheelbase?
A: Yes, it is recommended to wear gloves for better control of the steering force and a more realistic racing experience while reducing the wear and tear of the steering wheel leather.

Q: Can I mount my MOZA Racing device on a custom or 3rd party cockpit?
A: Yes! You can mount your MOZA Racing wheelbase by bolting the base directly to your rig (assuming there are pre-drilled holes or drill your own) or you can mount your wheelbase with a separate bracket (apply on MOZA R21/R16/R9), table clamp (R5 and R9).

Q: How to set pedal travel?
A: The pedal travel can be set on the pedal function page of MOZA Pit House.

Q: The shift indicator on my wheel doesn't match the engine speed.
A: Follow these steps:

  1. Click "Configure” on the main page in MOZA Pit House (while in-game).
  2. Turn on the rev speed matching button on the steering wheel setting page.

Q: The force feedback weakens or disappears suddenly.
A: Restart the wheelbase, MOZA Pit House and the game.

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