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Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing leads the way in quality racing simulation hardware and the product range extends from racing cockpits to cockpit accessories.

Next Level Racing use only the best quality materials to make each rig and accessory, including laser-cut and robot welded carbon steel. The craftsmanship is second-to-none!

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Next Level Racing F-GT Elite racing simulator cockpitAll products are backed by a minimum 12-month warranty. Next Level Racing stands by every of the products that rolls off the assembly line. So, should your Next Level Racing gear not perform as promised, just let us know and we’ll either replace or repair your item.

For over 10 years Next Level Racing has produced standout, award-winning racing simulators

Don’t take our word for it. Just look at some of the reviews from happy Next Level Racing owners.

Phillip. H says: “Wow the F-GT Elite is solid!!! and finished with a beautiful coating. Construction was a breeze, just follow the well laid out booklet”.

Chris says: “Been using the GTtrack for over a week now and I must say it’s an absolutely amazing rig.

I upgraded from a Playseat Alcantara because the Playseat has an annoying pole that makes you feel like a pole dancer every time you press the brake pedal, and your leg grinds it. It also had high moment.

The GTtrack has a solid construction with no flex including on the pedal plate. I have the Fanatec CSL elite with load cell brake pedal mounted and after I installed it for the first time, I accidently had the load cell brake force feedback cracked up too high that when I stomped on the brake pedal, it felt like I was on the leg press at the gym.

Pushing as hard as I could the pedal plate had absolutely no movement in it.”

Richard S had this to say: “Very impressed with the product. Extremely sturdy and stable with a great fit and finish”.

Whether you’re a seasoned sim racer looking to upgrade or you’re completely new to the sim racing scene, we’ve got the perfect Next Level Racing cockpit for you.

Next Level Racing cockpits include predrilled wheel, pedal, and shifter mounts so you can bolt on your favourite electronics and start smashing those lap times!

Again, Next Level Racing churn out top spec racing rigs. With every Next Level Racing sim cockpit, you get a wheel mount, pedal mount and shifter mount all pre-drilled to suit the most popular peripheral brands on the market.
F-GT Elite racing cockpit direct drive wheel front mount
We’re talking about the big brands like Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech and more.

There’s no stuffing around with drills to mount your gear. Each mount is pre-drilled, so you just bolt on your wheel, pedals and shifter and start racing.

100% FREE shipping Australia wide

Buy any Next Level Racing gear from us and you won’t pay a single cent for shipping. Every Next Level Racing product includes free shipping Australia wide.

Doesn’t matter whether you live in central Melbourne or Cairns - shipping is 100% FREE.

There’s a Next Level Racing simulator cockpit to suit every budget

The Next Level Racing sim rig ranges starts with the minimalistic GT Lite and F-GT Lite.

The foldable, deck chair-style design of these entry level cockpits means you can set each model up within minutes – with your electronics attached – and then pack them away again for easy storage!
Next Level Racing GT Lite and F-GT Lite racing cockpitsThe GT Lite features a GT-style race position, while the extra-versatile F-GT Lite can fold into GT and F1 style racing positions.

To alter the seating position, you simply twist the patented hubs and then lock into place.

Thanks to the minimalist design, the F-GT Lite & GT Lite are the perfect racing cockpits for anyone who has limited space and needs a rig that can easily fold up and store in a cupboard or walk-in-robe, in a garage or under a bed.
Next Level Racing F-GT Lite racing cockpit with accessories attached folded upThe F-GT Lite and GT Lite are super-comfy, supportive, and adjustable.

The wheel, pedal and shifter mounts will bolt to directly to most of the big electronics brands including Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec. Simply, bolt or clamp your gear on and you’re ready to race.

If you want something a little more solid, take a look at the Challenger, GTPro V2 or GTXtreme V2 racing cockpits

The GTPro, GTXtreme and Challenger are all solid choices for entry level cockpits. Each model suits both kids, teenagers (10-18 year olds) and adults, too.
Next Level Racing GTxtreme V2, Challenger and GTPro V2 racing cockpits side-by-sideEach of these value-packed rigs features a full reclining racing seat with seat slider so you can easily adjust your seat position, solid frame, wheel, pedal and shifter mounts (all pre-drilled), plus, a 12 month warranty.

You can upgrade each model with an add-on monitor stand and bolt on any monitor you like up to 50 inches in size.

Next up is the F-GT racing cockpit

You can think of the F-GT as the big brother of the F-GT Lite and the GT Lite.

It’s a rock-solid rig that features dual seating positions. One moment you can be racing around Albert Park in your Ferrari F1 in an F1-style position…and the next twisting and turning in your rally car in a traditional, GT-style seating position.
Next Level Racing F-GT racing simulator cockpitTo change your race position, you simply pull out a few bolts, adjust your seat and bolt it all back together. It won’t take you any longer than about 20 minutes.

The F-GT comes packed with extras like a shifter mount, seat slider, lumbar support cushion, height adjustable feet and a ButtKicker Gamer 2 adaptor.

You can also upgrade your F-GT over time. You’ve got the option to add on accessories like a front-mounted monitor stand, castor wheels (for additional portability), a keyboard and mouse stand and floor mat to protect your precious wooden or tile floors.

The Next Level Racing GTtrack packs all the features you need in a high-end racing rig

Hunting for a first-class racing simulator cockpit that can handle whatever you through at it?

Look no further than the GTtrack. Perfect if you’re running a direct drive wheel, the GTtrack edges toward the high-end of the Next Level Racing cockpit line-up.

The GTtrack chassis is constructed entirely from laser cut and robot welded carbon steel, making it super-rigid and easily able to soak-up the arm-shaking torque from high-end, direct drive wheelbases.

Like most of the Next Level Racing range, the GTtrack, features pre-drilled wheel, pedal, and dual shifter mounts, compatible with all major brand electronics.

That means there’s no stuffing around with drills when it comes to mounting your gear!
Next Level Racing GTTrack racing simulator cockpit with accessories attachedThe dual shifter mounts can be bolted to either side of the rig and you can use one for your shifter and the other for a handbrake.

That’s not all. The Next Level Racing GTtrack includes castor wheels so you can push your rig around for extra portability. You’ve got a premium, reclining race set with a built-in seat slider and four-point racing harness that will keep you nice and comfy during those long racing sessions.

Welcome to the elite!

The top-of-the-line F-GT Elite is Next Level Racing’s first foray into the world of aluminium profile sim racing cockpits.

And the end result is easily one of the best profile cockpits on the market today.
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite iRacing Edition racing simulator cockpit with wheel, pedals and shifter attachedThe Next Level Racing F-GT Elite features a premium chassis constructed from superior, post anodized 100mm x 40mm aluminium profile. This makes the F-GT Elite a highly rigid cockpit, perfect for direct drive wheels and high-end pedals.

The F-GT Elite is highly adjustable. The pedal plate offers multiple height, angle and distance adjustments. The seat mount features 98 separate adjustments, the wheel deck angle, height and distance can be adjusted. Even the shifter/handbrake mount is fully adjustable.

Even better, the F-GT Elite features wheel, pedal and shifter mounts that are all pre-drilled for big-brand electronics including Thrustmaster, Logitech, Simagic, HPP, Meca, Fanatec and more.

The F-GT Elite includes a ton of extras for serious sim racing like a large gear shifter and handbrake mount, a Buttkicker Gamer2 adapter, custom cable clips, a tool holder to hold the included adjustment tools and brackets to bolt the Motion Platform V3 straight onto the profile with ease.

Haven’t got the funds (or room) for a full racing cockpit? No worries! We stock Next Level Racing’s full range of quality wheel stands

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just don’t have the cash or the room for a full racing simulator cockpit. Don’t worry. We’ve got the solution for you – a Next Level Racing wheel stand.
Next Level Racing wheel stand 2.0 with wheel and accessories attachedThe small footprint and foldable design mean you can quickly whip out your Next Level Racing wheel stand, stick it in front of your TV or PC set-up and you’re ready to race.

Then, when you’re finished you can simply fold down the stand down and pack it away in a cupboard or storage area.
Next Level Racing wheel stand folded downNext Level Racing wheels are constructed from strong carbon steel and built to last. There are a handful of wheel stands in the Next Level Racing range. Each with specific feature sets to suit your racing style. Scroll below to check them out now.

Bottom line; if you’re after a racing simulator cockpit or wheel stand, there’s a Next Level Racing product that’s right for you.

Grab your Next Level Racing simulator cockpit now and pay later!

We’ve got multiple interest free payment options available including MoneyMe and LatitudePay. So, you can buy your Next Level Racing cockpit now and pay later!

We are here to help you choose the right Next Level Racing cockpit for you. So, if you need a hand, simply use the chat app at the bottom right of your screen or email or call us.

Scroll down to shop for your perfect Next Level Racing cockpit or wheel stand today.
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    The Next Level Racing F-GT racing simulator cockpit. Switch from GT to F1-style racing in a matter of minutes The revolutionary F-GT racing simulat...

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    Next Level Racing GT Elite Racing Simulator
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