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Playseat Formula Instinct Racing Simulator F1 Edition

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Step into the fast lane with the Playseat Formula Instinct racing simulator

The Playseat Formula Instinct racing simulator is where the thrill of Formula 1 racing comes alive in your gaming space. This simulator is meticulously engineered to provide the authentic F1 racing position, tailored to racers of all sizes. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, the F1 Edition places you right in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car. The modular fabric padding is all about comfort and performance, while offering enhanced support for your lower back and shoulders, allowing you to race for hours without discomfort.

The Playseat Formula Instinct is designed to mimic an F1 car's aesthetics and replicate its functionality. Thanks to Playseat’s patented aluminium X-Adapt quick-release system, setting up your steering wheel is as straightforward and robust as it gets. 

Coupled with the unparalleled adjustability of the pedal mount, you can fine-tune the angle, height, and length to match your preferred driving style precisely. 

Playseat Formula Instinct Racing Simulator F1 Edition

What’s included

  • Authentic F1 racing position enhances your immersion
  • X-Adapt quick-release for easy, secure steering wheel setup
  • Lightweight design simplifies storage and transport
  • Unlimited customization fits all body types and preferences
  • ModuFoam technology for tailored comfort and support
  • Official F1 licensed product ensures authenticity
  • Precise steering and pedal adjustments boost your racing precision
  • Ergonomic design minimises strain during long sessions
  • Quick setup gets you racing faster
  • Easily adjustable to switch between different drivers or preferences
  • Designed and endorsed by real F1 drivers for true realism
  • Backed by a 2 year limited warranty

Authentic F1 racing position for increased immersion

Rev up your racing experience with the Playseat Formula Instinct racing simulator F1 Edition, and feel the pulse of real Formula 1 racing. This seat is crafted to deliver an unparalleled, authentic F1 racing position that has been verified and endorsed by real F1 drivers. 

By replicating the exact seating posture of a Formula 1 cockpit, the Playseat Formula Instinct offers more than comfort—it transforms your gaming into a true-to-life racing endeavour. Every turn, brake, and acceleration feels like you're actually on the F1 track, pushing limits and setting records.

The Formula Instinct F1 Edition is engineered to enhance your connection to the game, physically and virtually, through meticulous ergonomic design. This simulator provides unprecedented stability and adjustability, allowing you to not just play, but to be part of the race. 

The detailed replication of an F1 cockpit's sensations extends beyond the visual—it’s a full-body experience that pulls you into the heart of racing’s elite. 

Playseat Formula Instinct Racing Simulator F1 Edition

Quickly setup and adjust your cockpit with X-Adapt technology

Speed through setup and storage without breaking a sweat with the Playseat Formula Instinct Racing Simulator F1 Edition. Featuring the innovative X-Adapt quick-release adjustment system, this simulator makes it a breeze to securely attach and adjust your steering wheel. 

Crafted from lightweight, high-strength aluminium, the X-Adapt system offers robust support that locks your steering column in place with precision and ease. This means less time fiddling with setup and more time dominating the racetrack, ensuring that every second spent in the cockpit is about performance, not preparation.

But the benefits of the Formula Instinct don’t end at the track. When it's time to clear the floor, this simulator’s lightweight structure shines, making it incredibly easy to move and store. Ready for a pitstop? Simply bring it to its compact, easy-to-store position. 

Playseat Formula Instinct Racing Simulator F1 Edition

The Formula Instinct hands you unlimited customization

The Playseat Formula Instinct racing simulator is designed for unlimited position customization. Whether you're tall or short, a rookie or a seasoned pro, this simulator adjusts to fit you perfectly. 

The patented adjustment systems, coupled with a fully adjustable pedal plate, offer the flexibility to modify every aspect of your seating position. This means you can tweak the setup to precisely match your preferred racing posture, optimising comfort and control so you can focus on shaving seconds off your lap times.

This level of customization ensures that every user can find their optimal racing stance, minimising strain and maximising responsiveness. Dive into the realm of professional racing with a simulator that adapts to you, giving you the edge to excel on any track.

Playseat Formula Instinct Racing Simulator F1 Edition

Comfort meets cutting-edge design with ModuFoam

Step into the Playseat Formula Instinct racing simulator and feel the revolutionary comfort of ModuFoam technology. This dynamic feature enhances comfort for increased endurance and focus on the track. 

Designed to embrace drivers of all shapes and sizes, ModuFoam allows you to swap in unique modular insert pads for tailored support where you need it most. Whether it’s your lower back or shoulders, each pad adjusts to your body, ensuring that long hours behind the wheel feel like minutes. With ModuFoam, you’re not just preparing for a race; you’re setting yourself up for the ultimate driving experience.

This state-of-the-art cushioning technology transforms the Playseat Formula Instinct into more than just a racing simulator—it becomes a custom-fit cockpit that adapts to the individual contours of your body. Unlimited position customization means you can fine-tune every aspect of your seating to match your preferred driving style, providing a seamless blend of comfort and control. 

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Official F1 licensed product

Experience the thrill and glory of Formula 1 with the official Playseat Formula Instinct racing simulator, a licensed F1 product that brings the authentic excitement of the track right into your home. Immerse yourself in the high-octane world of F1 racing, enveloped by the distinctive official livery that adorns your racing setup. 

This isn’t just about playing a game; it’s about partaking in a piece of Formula 1 heritage, designed specifically to reflect the intensity and passion of the sport. Feel closer to the F1 legends with every race, powered by a simulator that embodies the spirit of the world’s most prestigious racing series.

Every aspect, from the seat to the framework, is crafted to bring you the most realistic racing experience approved by Formula 1 itself. This official endorsement assures not only top-notch quality but also an unrivalled authenticity that you can’t find in other F1 racing simulator cockpits.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes the Playseat Formula Instinct different from other racing simulators?

The Playseat Formula Instinct is specifically designed to replicate the F1 racing position, verified by real F1 drivers, offering unparalleled realism and immersion.

Is the Playseat Formula Instinct compatible with all types of racing games?

Yes, the Playseat Formula Instinct is versatile enough to adapt to a wide range of racing disciplines, including Formula 1, Formula E, Formula Ford, and Indycar, making it ideal for any racing game enthusiast.

Can the Playseat Formula Instinct accommodate users of different sizes?

Absolutely, the Playseat Formula Instinct features unlimited customization options for the seat and pedal positions, making it suitable for users of all heights and sizes.

How does the X-Adapt quick-release system benefit users?

The X-Adapt system allows for easy and secure adjustments of the steering wheel setup, making it straightforward to adapt the simulator to your personal comfort and performance needs quickly.

What kind of materials are used in the Playseat Formula Instinct?

The Playseat Formula Instinct is built with high-quality materials including lightweight aluminium for the X-Adapt system and ModuFoam technology for comfortable padding, ensuring both durability and comfort.

Is it difficult to assemble the Playseat Formula Instinct?

No, the Playseat Formula Instinct is designed for easy assembly with a quick setup feature that allows you to get racing faster, minimising the hassle of lengthy installation processes.

How does the Playseat Formula Instinct enhance the racing experience?

With its ergonomic design and ModuFoam technology, the simulator provides tailored support and comfort, enhancing your endurance and focus on the track, allowing for longer and more enjoyable gaming sessions.

Is the Playseat Formula Instinct an officially licensed F1 product?

Yes, it is an officially licensed F1 product, which means it meets the high standards of authenticity and quality set by Formula 1, complete with official branding and livery.

Can the Playseat Formula Instinct handle direct drive wheelbases and high-end pedal sets?

Yes, it is designed to accommodate and handle the most powerful direct drive wheelbases and high-end pedal sets, ensuring that every gear shift and pedal press is translated directly into the game with precision.

What warranty does the Playseat Formula Instinct come with?

The Playseat Formula Instinct is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality and support from the manufacturer.

Product Name: Playseat Formula Instinct F1 Edition
Product dimensions LxWxH: 150x87x60cm
Weight: 23 kg
Frame material: Flow-formed carbon quality steel and aluminium
Foldable: No
Recommended driver length: Minimum 120cm / Maximum 220cm
Recommended driver weight: Minimum 20kg / Maximum 163kg
Package dimensions LxWxH: 80x60x27cm
Package weight: 27kg

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