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🤑🤑**SALE** Up To $162 Off Asetek La Prima Pedals🤑🤑

Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System


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Get ready to command your big rig with the Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System

Ever dreamt of getting behind the wheel of a truck or commanding a city bus, all from the comfort of your PC? Say hello to the Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System - the FIRST wheel system dedicated to truck and bus simulation.

With a 400mm steering wheel diameter, you're not just playing a game; you're living the experience. Combine that with a 1080° steering angle and get ready to navigate those tight turns and bustling cityscapes like never before.

Ultra-realistic force feedback doesn't just make you feel like you're driving a truck or bus - it plunges you right into the driver's seat. Every rumble, turn, and acceleration - you'll feel it all, making your virtual road trips and city routes truly come alive.

But this isn't just a wheel. Aerosoft have included an extensive gear shift unit, complete with a handy control panel. Plus, to make your driving escapade truly authentic, you'll also find a dynamic 3-way pedal set included. Accelerate, brake, and clutch – it's all there, waiting for you.

Key features

  • Unlock the ultimate driving simulation: wheel, gear, pedals included
  • Feel the road: 1080° steering for hyper-realistic control
  • Shift like a pro: H-shift and sequential modes, 14 buttons
  • Full control at your fingertips: joystick, D-pad, and more
  • Pedal to the metal: Throttle, brake, clutch for real immersion
  • Seamless PC integration: Plug-and-play with top sim titles
  • Customize your ride: 12 programmable buttons for personalized control
  • Shop with confidence: Backed by a 12 month warranty

The FIRST dedicated wheel system for truck, bus and farming simulation

Imagine gripping a 400mm steering wheel that echoes the heft and feedback of a real truck or bus, turning each virtual journey into an experience that blurs the line between game and reality.

With every maneuver, the 1080° steering angle responds with precision, capturing the essence of navigating through challenging routes and bringing the thrill of the open road right to your gaming setup.

But it's not just about steering, it's about feeling every aspect of the drive.

From the satisfying click of the gear shift in both H-shift and sequential modes to the realistic push-back from the throttle, brake, and clutch pedals, every element is designed for immersion.

The Aerosoft System transforms your gameplay into a genuinely tactile experience, where each decision, each action on the road, is yours to control.

Plug-and-play compatibility with top simulation titles ensures that no matter your favorite truck, bus, or farming adventure, you're geared up and ready to roll, day or night, with backlit buttons lighting the way to victory.

Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System
Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System

Realistic force feedback

Feel every twist and turn of the road like never before with the Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System's cutting-edge force feedback.

This isn't just playing, it's about experiencing the raw sensations of the road under your wheels.

From the gritty grind of gravel to the sleek smoothness of tarmac, every texture, every resistance, becomes a thrilling challenge to master.

Overtake with confidence and precision, as every maneuver sends a rush of adrenaline straight through your spine.

This system doesn't just simulate the journey; it makes you a part of it, with every jolt and jerk feeling as real as if you were behind the wheel of a giant on the highway.

The Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System brings the action to life, ensuring you're not just a spectator in your gaming adventures.

With its unparalleled force feedback, every joyride becomes a heart-pounding experience, magnifying the intensity of each moment.

You'll feel the weight of your decisions and the impact of your skills, turning every session into an immersive story where you're the hero.

Get ready to be pulled deeper into your favorite truck, bus, and farming sim titles, where the line between game and reality blurs into an unforgettable, bone-shaking adventure.

Shifter, control panel and pedal set included

This system doesn't just offer a wheel, it brings the whole cockpit to life in your living room.

With a meticulously crafted gearshift unit and an intuitive control panel at your fingertips, switching gears and executing precise maneuvers becomes second nature.

Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of a city or the narrow paths of a countryside, the control you have is unparalleled.

But what's a driver without pedals? Aerosoft ups the ante by including a dynamic 3 pedal set that replicates the real feel of accelerating, braking, and clutching.

This isn't just about moving forward, it's about feeling the power under your foot, mastering the delicate balance of speed and control.

Get ready for an authentic driving escapade that captures the essence of being on the road.

With the Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System, you're not just playing a game, you're commanding a journey, pedal to metal, every step of the way.

Aerosoft Truck & Bus Wheel System


400mm centre-suspended steering wheel
Steering Wheel Impact 1080°
Ultra-realistic force feedback
8-directional D-pad
4 action buttons
2 menu buttons
3D thumb stick
4 directions turning indicator stalk with beam light 3 levels turn and push button
2 directions retarder stalk with 3 levels turn and push button
Power DC socket for force feedback feature
RJ12 socket for Pedals
Big Horn button
Big red engine start button
Detachable wheel knob
Metal clamps for desk mounting
1.5m USB-A to USB-C cable
USB-C socket for USB cable


12 programmable action buttons with light indicator
2 big action buttons with light indicator
H-shift and sequential shift mode
Activation switch 1st and 2nd gear
Splitter selector
Mounting device for phone/tablet
Height adjustable desk metal brackets
USB-A to USB-C cable (connect PC directly)
1.5m USB-C socket for USB cable
Dev-Update Image


Clutch pedal
Brake pedal (with exponential compression force)
2.0 m RJ12 cable steering wheel connection

Aerosoft TB wheel
Aerosoft TB shifter and control panel
Aerosoft TB 3 pedal set 
All cables and accessories
Instruction manual


All Aerosoft products are backed by a one year warranty. This warranty covers you against manufacturer defects.

If for some reason your Aerosoft products do not work as expected, simply contact us and we'll either repair your item under warranty or we may be able to offer a refund/exchange. Again, if for some reason your Aerosoft product doesn't work as expected, contact us right away and we'll sort out any issues ASAP.

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