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What You Need To Know About The Trak Racer TR8 Racing Simulator

Trak Racer is known for both the durability and functionality of their equipment. When it comes to the TR8 racing simulator, it delivers on both of these promises.

But is it the right rig for you?

Let’s take a closer look to find out.

The TR8 Is Built To Last – Just As You’d Expect From A Trak Racer Racing Simulator

Trak Racer makes incredibly robust equipment. It’s why they appeal to sim racing fans who are serious about decking out their setup with high-end gear. It’s also why they’re happy to offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty on the TR8 – because it’s been designed and engineered to stand the test of time.

The frame of the TR8 alone weighs in at a whopping 49.8 kilos. It’s constructed using 2-inch diameter thick, industrial-strength iron tubing. It’s about as durable a racing rig as you’ll find anywhere on the market.

And we love it.

Because it's so strong, you can really throw your weight around when shifting gears or taking a tight turn without it moving underneath you. It ensures stable gameplay at all times – even if you’re using a direct drive wheel.

Thankfully, the cockpit comes with rubber floor protectors. This is great because, by the time you add your own body weight, the entire rig becomes heavy. Really heavy. The floor protectors increase the stability and ensure you’re not going to scratch your floorboards or tiles.

While the frame takes some time to put together, it’s a far simpler process than cockpits in the extruded aluminium range. The downside to this is it’s nowhere near as modular. Pretty much what you see is what you get, and there aren’t a lot of custom changes you can make to the rig itself.

Attach A 70 Inch Screen Directly To The TR8 So You Can Enjoy An Up-Close And Immersive Experience

One of the best features of the TR8 is that it includes a fully integrated monitor stand. This is a useful addition if you prefer a more compact setup, as it means you can have your screen sitting as close as possible to your racing wheel.

While there are some simulation rigs which include monitor stands, the advantage of the TR8 is that it's so industrious it will hold monitor sizes all the way up to 70 inches!

If you prefer a multi-monitor setup, Trak Racer also makes a triple monitor mount which they sell separately.

The High-Density Foam Seat Ensures You Maintain Comfort During Those Extra Long Racing Sessions

Another thing we love about the TR8 is the super comfortable, ergonomic seat. There are two options – either a rally style or a GT style.

Regardless of your preferred option, both are made from the same materials. The outer shell is fibreglass, making it super sturdy without adding too much excess weight to the rig.

The inside of the seat is high-density foam. Its absolutely first class – you really notice the difference over a cheaper seat, especially for longer driving sessions. You can sit down for hours without worrying too much about pain or stiffness.

To make the setup even more ergonomic, the included sliders allow you to adjust the seat position so you can sit the perfect distance from your wheel and pedals.

This is something the TR8 does exceptionally well – it allows you to adjust every aspect to give you the most optimal driving position.

The TR8 Makes It Easy To Set Up Your Optimal Driving Position So You Can Perform Better And Race For Longer

The wheel mount is far more adjustable than on your average rig – you can slide it 30mm backwards or forwards, adjust the height, and tilt it to your preferred angle.

Again, it’s all about creating that optimal setup so you can spend more time racing without feeling uncomfortable or stiff – as well as perform at your best every race.

It’s made from laser-cut, incredibly strong carbon steel. You can attach any racing wheel, and you won't notice it flex at all during use, regardless of how hard you take corners.

An added bonus is that, because the wheel is held in so tightly, you get a lot more feel through the steering wheel itself via force feedback. You really notice the change in driving conditions more because of it.

As well as the wheel mount, the pedal mount is also made from the same laser cut carbon steel. It’s surprisingly strong given the high level of adjustability. You can really punch in the pedals without it moving, which is really satisfying.

The pedal deck is also well designed – it sits on top of a fully adjustable frame. You can shift the pedals forwards or backwards, and alter the angle as well. The combination of these two adjustments makes it super easy to find your preferred driving position.

The TR8 also has a gear shifter mount which can be changed from left to right side of the frame. It sits on a slider, too, so you can move it back and forth, as well as adjust the angle, so it sits in the perfect spot.

Besides the strength and functionality of their equipment, Trak Racer are well-known for their compatibility. So it’s no surprise that the wheel mount, pedal deck and gear shifter mount all have pre-drilled mounting points for pretty much all major brands, including Fanatec, Thrustmaster and Logitech.

Skipped To The End? Here’s What We Like And What We Don’t Like About The Trak Racer TR8 Racing Simulator

We like:

  • Made from 2-inch iron tubing and weighing in at almost 50kg, the rig is incredibly sturdy – meaning it’s not going to shift very easily even if you move around a lot while in use
  • The integrated monitor stand holds screens of up to 70 inches so you can enjoy an up-close, ultra-immersive experience
  • The wheel and pedal mounts are exceptionally strong and highly adjustable
  • The TR8 also includes a shifter mount which can be used on either the left or right side of the frame
  • The super comfy, supportive seat means you can sit in it for hours without getting sore or stiff

We don’t like:

  • While the weight provides stability when you’re using it, it becomes a pain if you ever need to move the cockpit around
  • The TR8 is not as modular as the Trak Racer extruded aluminium range so there isn’t a lot of flexibility in terms of custom designs or additions

Should You Buy It?

If you’re in the market for a well-built and highly functional racing simulator rig – and it’s inside your budget – there aren’t many that measure up to the TR8.

If you think it’s the one for you, CLICK HERE to buy the Trak Racer TR8 Racing Simulator. With shipping available to anywhere in Australia, you could have it sitting in your lounge room in just a few days!

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