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ORDER NOW: Asetek Forte Pedals - From $999

Sigma Integrale DK2+ Motion System

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Boost your simulation immersion with the Sigma Integrale DK2+ motion system

The big brother of the DK2 system, the DK2+ motion system offers a more powerful actuator with increased torque for increased fidelity and better quality ride. The DK2+ is a professional motion system for serious sim racing and flight sim enthusiasts. It’s also perfect for commercial applications. If you want to take the immersion and realism of your sim rig to the next level, there’s no better way than with a motion system like the DK2+ from Sigma Integrale.

The DK2+ motion system is designed, engineered and constructed in-house at the Sigma Integrale facility in Pomona, California. This stunning simulator actuator kit is constructed from machined billet aluminium and is ‘8020’ friendly, meaning it will bolt directly onto most aluminium profile cockpits including Trak Racer TR80, TR80 Lite, TR120, TR160, SimRigs Exodus, 6 Sigma Racing and the Next Level Racing GT Elite (not the F-GT Elite due to the lipped chassis profile).

With the Sigma Integrale DK2+ bolted to your rig, you'll have a powerful 3DOF motion simulator at your disposal. You'll be able to feel realistic pitch, roll and heave. Immersion levels go sky-high as you can feel bends, acceleration, braking, hits, knocks and more.

The system is plug and play with compatible simulation titles. You simply bolt the DK2+ actuators to your cockpit, plug in the motion controller box, calibrate the custom Sigma Integrale software to your liking and you’re ready to play!

Key features

  • Entire motion system designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in California
  • Uses a large ball screw and nut for maximum durability
  • Actuator system crafted from machined billet aluminium
  • Billet machined floating feet with large rubber pads
  • Mono-block structure
  • Teknic servo motors
  • 50mm piston diameter for large side-loading capability
  • Realistic 3DOF motion - feel pitch, roll and heave
  • Complete plug and play system
  • Includes motion control system - no bulky cabinets or boxes
  • Compatible with most aluminium profile simulator chassis (Trak Racer, SimRigs, SimLabs, 6 Sigma etc.)
  • 50mm (2 inch) travel
  • Huge 336kg weight capacity
  • Aluminium profile mounting hardware included
  • All cables (power cables to actuators and network cables) included
  • Sigma’s VelocityTrap™ motion control algorithm & simulation software
  • Regular ‘over-the-air’ controller firmware updates
  • Ultra-fast actuators for smooth and precise motion
  • Compatible with over a dozen sim titles, with more coming all the time (see specifications tab for full title compatibility list)
  • One year warranty

State-of-the-art motion system

Sigma Integrale have created one of the best value, highest quality and best performing 3DOF actuator systems on the market today.

Everything about the DK2+ system reflects Sigma Integrale’s commitment to quality and performance. From the high-end, billet aluminium actuators built in-house to the motion control system that’s sleek, stylish and easy to use to the custom motion software that you can calibrate to your specific liking. If you’re looking for a motion system to bolt onto your racing or flight cockpit, the DK2+ should be high on your shopping list.

With the Sigma Integrale DK2+ motion system installed you'll instantly feel realistic in-game feedback including acceleration, braking, gear changes, bends, hits, knocks and more.

Designed, manufactured and tested in California

The entire DK2+ motion actuator system is made in-house at the Sigma Integrale facility in Pomona, California.

Each actuator features a mono-block structure and is crafted from machined billet aluminium. The floating feet on each actuator are also made from billet aluminium. This is a heavy-duty motion system that’s made for thousands of hours of gameplay. In fact, the test system set-up at Sigma Integrale’s facility has completed more than 8 years of comparable gameplay.

The DK2+ motion system is mechanically and electrically engineered around Sigma Integrale’s unique motion algorithm to provide the most realistic and representative vehicle motion feedback. This makes the DK2+ one of the most responsive motion systems on the market. Every elevation change, vehicle movement, surface change and gear shift, is captured and reproduced within 50mm of the available mechanical stroke.

Unlike other motion systems on the market, the motion controller system included with the DK2+ is sleek and around the same size as an old-school DVD player. No big, bulky cabinets. No gigantic servo controllers. All the essential operation electrics are stored within this neat, white box.

Complete plug and play system

The Sigma Integrale DK2+ is a complete plug and play motion actuator system. Simply attach the actuators to your rig, plug the power and network cables into the motion controller, calibrate the software and you’re ready to go.

With the motion controller, you’ll get lifetime access to all future ‘over-the-air’ updates and feature add-ons.

Sigma Integrale have made it easy for serious sim enthusiasts to finally enjoy a high-end actuator-based motion system without the need to invest hours and hours in set-up time. If you’re not overly great with technology and worried about the technical side of setting up the DK2+ system - don’t. With the included instructions the set-up is super simple and easy for anyone to do.

Includes everything you need to get started

The DK2+ motion system includes everything you need to get started right out of the box:

  • 4x actuators
  • Motion controller system
  • Power and network cables
  • Installation accessories

NOTE: You’ll need an available network port on your PC or a USB to Network adapter

The DK2+ system will bolt directly onto most ‘8020’ style aluminium cockpits with t-slot extrusion including Trak Racer TR80, TR120 and TR160, SimLabs, SimRigs Exodus and 6 Sigma (6S-80, 6S-120 and 6S-160 models).

Please note that Sigma Integrale motion systems are made to order and require approximately 2-3 weeks for build, testing and shipping.


100% designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in California, USA
Utilises the largest American-made ball screw and nut in the industry for maximum durability
Mono-block in structure using a CNC machined billet aluminium to ensure concentricity and accuracy
50mm in piston diameter for large side-loading capability
T-slot aluminium extrusion (80/20) friendly
Weight: 7.26kg each with the larger DK2+ motor


PC side (Windows 10)
Game physics engine @ 333 Hz: 3 ms
Windows OS response: 1 ms average
Sigma 10-layers algorithm: 1 ms
Send target positions via Ethernet: 0.3 ms
Controller side (Real-time OS in ARM)
Response to new position targets: < 1 microseconds
Motion Algorithm for smooth motion: Average: 25 ms, Range: 0 to 50 ms
Send motion data to 1st micro-controller at 1000 Hz: 1 ms
Controller side (2 low-latency micro-controllers)
Send motion data from 1st microcontroller to 2nd: 0.1 ms
Digital pulse generation: 0.002 ms
Electrical connection from 2nd microcontroller to ClearPath motor
3V to 5V conversion: 2 ms
ClearPath servo motor
Digital pulse signal to actual motion: 1 ms


Automobilista 2 | requires enabling the shared memory option in game settings
Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competizione
DiRT Rally 2.0 | must update the hardware settings configuration file
Project CARS 2 | requires enabling the shared memory option in game settings
Project CARS 3 | requires enabling the shared memory option in game settings
RaceRoom Racing Experience
rFactor 2
F1 2021
X-Plane 11
Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World)

Upcoming Integrations

Integrations are released all the time. However, the unique algorithm Sigma Integrale has developed requires accurate tuning to ensure optimal and accurate motion response to signals generated by the software. All motion layers happen in real-time within health and safety limitations.

Mono-block, machined billet actuators with 50mm of travel
Powerful, responsive and compact American Teknic servo motors
Total weight capacity (including fully-loaded simulator with driver) = 363kg
Billet-machined floating feet with large rubber pads
Aluminium t-slot (80/20) mounting hardware compatible with 25 to 45 series profiles
Single motion controller box (115v/240V compatible) with power and network cables
Two sets of 1m and 2m data and power cables from the controller to actuators
Sigma’s VelocityTrap™ motion control algorithm & simulation software
Automatic Over-the-Air controller firmware updates

Sigma Integrale covers the actuators for one year and the motors and controller for three years. This warranty covers you against manufacturer defects and faults. If for some reason your Sigma Integrale motion system does not operate as expected, simply contact us and we'll either repair your item under warranty or we may be able to offer a refund/exchange.

Again, if for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, contact us right away and we'll sort out any issues ASAP.

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