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🤑🤑**SALE** Up To $162 Off Asetek La Prima Pedals🤑🤑
🤑🤑**SALE** Up To $162 Off Asetek La Prima Pedals🤑🤑

Asetek La Prima Direct Drive Wheelbase + GSI Wheel Bundle

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Race hard with the Asetek La Prima wheelbase and GSI wheel bundle

You've got the passion for sim racing, now meet the tech that'll skyrocket your game to new heights. The Asetek La Prima direct drive wheelbase, combined with a top-of-the-line Gomez Sim Industries wheel, is your ticket to virtual racing nirvana.

We're talking pinpoint control, unbeatable performance, and a matchless sense of immersion that'll make you feel like you're tearing down an actual racetrack. Forget "good enough", this is sim racing perfected.

The Asetek La Prima wheelbase is crafted with the unbeatable quality and durability you'd expect from a brand that's been a leader in the game. Assembled and tested in Denmark, this powerhouse is fine-tuned to give you the competitive edge you crave.

And let's talk choices—whether you opt for the Hyper SL, Hyper P1, GT-MAX32 or X-29, you're locking in a wheel that bolts on seamlessly and elevates your experience to the next level. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in adrenaline-pumping, edge-of-your-seat action.

Key features

  • A feature-packed, direct drive wheel bundle: Includes the La direct wheelbase and your choice of Gomez Sim Industries wheel
  • Compact housing: Anodized extruded aluminium housing
  • Silky-smooth, force feedback: Zero cogging and lag
  • Powerful, direct drive force feedback: Peak torque of 12Nm
  • Encoder resolution: 22bit / 0,000085 degrees / 4,000,000 steps
  • Invicta quick release system included: Bundle includes the easy-to-use Asetek SimSports quick release
  • Australian power supply: 180w power supply
  • High-quality, US-made sim racing wheel: Crafted from aluminium and genuine carbon fibre
  • The pinnacle of quality: GSI wheels offer a buffet of high-tech features designed to elevate your sim racing game
  • Shop with confidence: Two year limited warranty on wheel base, one year warranty on the GSI wheel

Game-changing, 12Nm direct drive motor

Get ready to feel every curve, every bump, and every adrenaline-pumping moment like you're actually there—thanks to Asetek La Prima's ground-breaking servo motor.

Developed in collaboration with industry heavyweights Simucube and Mige, this motor is the product of thousands of man-hours and an unyielding commitment to innovation.

The result? 12Nms of silky-smooth, ultra-realistic force feedback that turns every race into an unforgettable experience. Forget about generic, lacklustre performance; this is about as close to the real thing as it gets.

Asetek didn't cut corners to give you the ride of your life. This isn't some off-the-shelf motor; it's a masterpiece that we've fine-tuned down to the last detail. Electronics, software, firmware, mechanics—Asetek left no stone unturned to create a wheelbase that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. 

Customize your adrenaline rush with your choice of GSI wheel

Your sim racing experience should be as unique as you are, and that's where Gomez Sim Industries comes in.

This Texas-based gem crafts high-end sim wheels that are nothing short of spectacular. Take your pick from an impressive line-up including the Hyper SL, Hyper P1, GT-MAX32 or X-29.

Whichever you choose, you're getting a wheel designed with the utmost attention to detail, built from premium materials, and loaded with buttons and functions that put you in the driver's seat like never before.

Each Asetek and GSI wheel bundle comes with a GSI AH50 hub, and Asetek Invicta quick release system making it a breeze to connect your wheel to the La Prima wheelbase. No hassles, no headaches—just bolt it on and you're ready to unleash your inner racer.

Feel every inch of the road with La Prima's unbeatable force feedback

Ready to feel your pulse racing in sync with every twist and turn on the track? Say hello to La Prima's jaw-dropping 12Nm force feedback, where even the tiniest bumps and curves come alive right under your fingertips.

We're talking buttery smooth, ultra-responsive, and precise feedback that takes immersion to the next level. You won't just be driving; you'll be living each moment as if you were in an actual race car.

Asetek wheelbases boast a resolution of 0.000085 degrees—yeah, you read that right. That translates to about 4 million steps in just one revolution of the wheel! What does that mean for you? You're in for a high-fidelity driving experience that's so real, it'll make you forget you're in a simulator.

When we say you'll feel every nuance of the road, we mean it. With La Prima, you're not just playing a game; you're part of the action.

Includes Asetek SimSports Invicta quick release kit

Every Asetek wheelbase and wheel bundle includes the Asetek Invicta quick release kit. This unique quick release system allows you to plug your wheel into the wheel hub, thereby doing away with the old-school USB cable.

The Invicta Quick Release Adapter makes it possible to mount any steering wheel with a standard hole pattern (70 mm & 50.8 mm bolt patterns) on your Asetek SimSports Wheelbase.

To disconnect the wheel from the base, all you have to do is to press a paddle and the wheel will be in your hands. The Invicta quick release system includes three hub lengths, 80 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm and is made from high-quality aluminium.

Rev up and race in seconds with Asetek's RaceHub

Sick of fumbling with complicated setups and convoluted software? Cut to the chase with Asetek's RaceHub.

Just plug your Asetek wheelbase into your PC, fire up RaceHub, give your wheel a quick calibrate, and boom—you're off to the races! It's as easy as 1-2-3, freeing you up to focus on what really matters - the pure, unfiltered joy of sim racing.

But don't let the simplicity fool you. RaceHub is a powerhouse of customisation, packed to the brim with features that let you tailor your sim racing experience to the nth degree.

From profile pre-sets to nuanced settings that adapt to your car, track, and weather conditions, this is your playground. Want to adjust steering range? You got it. Fine-tune force feedback levels? No problem. Tweak damping? Consider it done. With RaceHub, you're not just racing; you're crafting your ultimate drive.

La Prima Wheelbase Specifications

Tech Specs

Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic Danish industrial design
Made in Denmark
Anodized extruded aluminium housing
Direct Drive Force Feedback
Max torque 12Nm peak/holding*
Peak Slew rate: 4 Nm/ms
Encoder resolution: 22bit / 0,000085 degrees / 4.000.000 steps
Asetek Simsports® Quick Release
180w power supply
Slipring designed and tested to +200.000.000 rotations

Software Features

Setup and save profile presets – Customize your settings to fit your car, track, and conditions
Adjust steering range, bumpstop hardness, and bumpstop range
Adjust Overall Force, Basic Damping, and Basic Smoothing


Height: 133mm
Width: 132mm
Length (Incl. Quick Release): 293mm
Weight: 8.5kg 

Gomez Sim Industries Hyper P1 Sim Racing Wheel

Hi-Res 4.3" LCD Touchscreen
3 Seven-Way Multi Switches
3 + 14 + 3 RGB LED Rev Lights
“CEMS N52” V3 Shifters
5 Backlit RGB LED Push-Button Rotary Encoders with 5-way functionality
Standard "HSE" Dual Clutches
12 Momentary RGB LED Push Buttons (500 gram actuation force)
“Spec 3” Coiled Cable
72 Total Mappable Inputs
88 Addressable RGB LEDs
6061 Aluminium Components
300mm Diameter
Direct-Injection Silicone Handles
70mm Threaded Bolt Pattern
5mm Carbon Fibre Faceplate
Extra Label Sheets

Gomez Sim Industries Hyper SL Sim Racing Wheel

6.5ncm Rotary Encoders
3 Seven-Way Multi Switches
3 + 12 + 3 RGB LED Rev Lights
“CEMS N52” V3 Shifters
5 Backlit RGB LED Push-Button Rotary Encoders with 5-way functionality
Standard "HSE" Dual Clutches (6-Paddle configuration available)
12 Momentary RGB LED Push Buttons (500 gram actuation force)
“Spec 3” Coiled Cable
72 Total Mappable Inputs
86 Addressable RGB LEDs
6061 Aluminium Components
300mm Diameter
Direct-Injection Silicone Handles
70mm Threaded Bolt Pattern
5mm Carbon Fibre Faceplate
Extra Labels

Gomez Sim Industries GT-MAX32 Sim Racing Wheel

5” High-Res LCD Touchscreen
3 Seven-Way Multi Switches
4 + 16 + 4 RGB LED Rev Lights