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SimRig SR1 Review By Sim Racing Garage

The SimRig SR1 is a 3DOF motion actuator system. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe this is a quality motion system at a surprisingly low price point.

For under $6,000 you’ve got a system that can simulate pitch, roll, and heave. With pitch and roll the SR1 system can simulate acceleration, braking, and turning. You can also ‘feel’ track geometry; for example by pitching forwards while driving downhill. With heave the system can push the rig upwards when hitting curbs and bumps in the road.

In the video review below, Barry Rowland from Sim Racing Garage provides a full video review and rundown on the SR1 motion system. In this video you’ll discover…

  • Introduction to the SimRig SR1 motion system
  • SR1 packaging breakdown
  • Barry takes a closer look at the parts included with the SR1
  • SR1 actuators walkthrough
  • Barry mounts the actuators
  • Look inside the controller box
  • Controller box mounted
  • System cabling set-up
  • Final testing and configuration
  • SimRig Control Centre overview and calibration
  • SR1 actuator noise levels
  • Barry test drives the SR1
  • Final thoughts

        CLICK HERE for more details on the SimRig SR1 motion system.