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Is this the ultimate F1 wheel? Cube Controls CSX-3

Italian company Cube Controls have upped their game again, with what is easily one of the best, most feature packed F1 sim racing wheels on the market today - the CSX-3. The successor to the CSX-2, Cube Controls have done their homework, taken onboard feedback from the previous model and built a wheel that will drop your jaw from the moment you open the box and start racing.

Cube Controls CSX-3 Wheel

If you’ve been a racing sim enthusiast for a while now then you’ve probably already heard about Cube Controls. While the company might not be as popular as some other brands, Cube Controls is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ company for impeccable, high-performance aftermarket sim wheels.

 Why the Cube Controls CSX-3?

If you’ve ever used or even seen the Cube Controls CSX-2 in the flesh, then you probably don’t need much convincing here. The CSX-3 takes things to a whole new level, with refinements across the build, functionality and looks.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things the Formula CSX-3 has to offer.


CC CSX-3 Display

The first thing you’ll notice about the Cube Controls CSX-3 is of course, the massive 4 inch LCD touchscreen display. With a resolution of 800x480 pixels, a 30 hertz refresh rate and a new design, this display looks the business. With native SimHub compatibility you can customise the dashboard to suit your preferences. The native Cube Controls software allows you to calibrate wheel performance and tweak settings like the RGB LED colours.


CC CSX-3 Buttons

There are 12 momentary buttons, 2 ON/OFF switches, 2 funky switches, 4 front rotaries, 2 side rotaries and 2 thumb rotaries all of which combined give us 44 assignable functions. Compared to the last gen CSX wheel, the bite point adjuster of the double clutch disappears as it can now be adjusted via the CubeSet software.

The buttons all have a high quality feel (which you would expect at this end of the market) and the beautiful RGB lighting simply adds to the fun.

You can opt for a 4 or 6 paddle set-up. The paddles are magnetic and operate via hall sensor input. There’s the option to choose the colour of your paddles and quick release, with standard black or ‘Cube Controls’ blue available. The rear of the wheel chassis is made from carbon fibre, the paddles operate via a hall sensor and provide amazing and tactile feedback.

CC CSX-3 6 Paddle Setup

The shifters and clutches are incredibly responsive and feel premium.

Build Quality:

CC CSX-3 Durability

Like all Cube Controls builds, the quality is outstanding. A lot of care and craftsmanship is put into the construction of Cube Controls wheels. The front plate is made of 5mm carbon, with first-class engineering. Weighing only 1143 grams, the CSX-3 is very easy to handle.

CC CSX-3 with man driving

The CSX-3 is easily the best formula wheel Cube Controls has produced thus far with incredible attention to details and quality. If you are looking to upgrade your setup or are building a new racing sim from scratch, then the Cube Controls CSX-3 is a product we highly recommend.

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