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SkyTrak Launch Monitor

If you're looking for a high-end launch monitor that can accurately measure ball and club data, then look no further than the launch monitors from SkyTrak.

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Skytrak+ Launch Monitor

There are two incredible launch monitor produced by SkyTrak. The legendary, original SkyTrak and the newer SkyTrak+ launch monitor. bundles waiting for you: the SkyTrak Launch Monitor Bundle and the SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor Bundle. Whether you're a golfing pro or just getting started, let's explore the game-changing benefits and features of SkyTrak.

How a Skytrak launch monitor can improve your golf game

Improve your golf game

The premise of a launch monitor like the SkyTrak is simple. Improve your golf game with incredibly accurate data analysis. And provide you with an immersive and hyper-realistic golf simulation experience. The SkyTrak has you covered on both points. Let's dive into all the standout benefits the SkyTrak launch monitor has in store for you.

Improved game performance

Imagine having access to the same technology that professional golfers and coaches use to refine their skills. With SkyTrak, you can. The advanced tracking technology provides critical club data like club head speed, smash factor, club path, and face angle with unmatched precision.

This means you can fine-tune your swing and technique to achieve better results on the course. Plus, real-time shot tracking and a user-friendly interface offer instant feedback, helping you identify areas for improvement right away.

Precise data analysis

Accuracy is key to mastering your golf game, and SkyTrak delivers just that. With an advanced photometric camera system (as well as the Doppler radar system included with the SkyTrak+) captures high-speed images of your ball's trajectory and spin, ensuring you receive reliable ball-tracking data both indoors and outdoors.

Skytrak+ Data Parameters

This precise data allows you to trust the information you're getting, making it easier to make those necessary adjustments to your swing and technique.

Practice from home–rain, hail or shine!

Gone are the days of heading to the golf range. With SkyTrak, you can set up your practice range at home quickly and easily.

Golf simulator home set up
The setup process is smooth and hassle-free, with no complicated installations. Just connect your SkyTrak to your device via Wi-Fi, or directly via USB and you're ready to start swinging. You can practice and play rain or shine, 365 days a year, in the comfort of your home or limited space.

Access advanced technology without breaking the bank

SkyTrak brings commercial-grade simulation and tracking technology to the masses at a fraction of the price. In the past, you would have had to spend tens of thousands of dollars for similar accuracy and realism.

With SkyTrak, you get all of this without burning a gigantic hole in your pocket. It's an affordable solution that provides quality practice, fun challenges, and improvement opportunities for you, your friends, and your family—all without ever leaving home.

SkyTrak vs. SkyTrak+

You might be wondering, what are the major differences between the original SkyTrak and the newer SkyTrak Plus launch monitor? Well, we're here to spill all the facts so you can make an informed choice on the right SkyTrak launch monitor for you.

Skytrak+ vs Skytrak Launch Monitor

When the original SkyTrak burst onto the scene in 2014, it turned the golf world upside down. This was the first time high-end laucnh monitor technology could be purchased by the everyday golfer. Blending precision with a price tag that didn't make your wallet weep. Well, now there's a new kid in town – the SkyTrak+.

Following a little corporate matchmaking between SkyTrak and GOLFTEC, the SkyTrak+ has emerged. The SkyTrak+ has all the advanced features of the original but GOLFTEC have kicked things up a notch.

Let's dive into what sets these two apart, shall we?

Instant feedback: With the original SkyTrak, there is a slight delay between your swing and data feedback. While this is not a huge issue, the new SkyTrak+ hands you faster response times with next-to-zero delay after your shot. This is due to a more advanced tracking system that incorporates dual doppler radar on top of the photometric tracking system.

Faster response times

Advanced tracking system: The high-speed camera, photometric tracking system of the original SkyTrak was accurate but did have small niggles. Specifically photometric systems have been proven to be less accurate in outdoor settings than their Doppler radar counterparts. GOLFTEC has rectified this issue by incorporating dual Doppler radar AND a photometric system into the new SkyTrak+ launch monitor. This provides you with enhanced ball and club data for one of the most accurate launch monitors on the market today.

New advanced club data: Along with a new tracking system, the SkyTrak+ also brings new club data metrics that SkyTrak customers have long requested. You can now dive into advanced club data points such as club head speed, smash factor, club path, and face angle—with added face to path and face to target, Knowledge is power, and this is your golfing supercharged.

New shot optimiser interface (with commentary): That's right, the upgraded shot optimiser feature includes commentary from world-famous golf instructor—Nick Clearwater. Feel the excitement of having a world-class instructor by your side.

So there you have it, the SkyTrak+ brings along game-changing features that make it one of the most advanced launch monitors in the world. That's not to say the original SkyTrak still isn't a great unit, because it is. But for an extra couple of thousand dollars you can push your golf game into a whole new dimension.

SkyTrak launch monitor features

It's no secret the SkyTrak launch monitor is packed to the brim with remarkable features. It's a game-changing tool for golfers looking to enhance their skills and experience.

Game improvement plan - Bag mapping

We offer two SkyTrak bundles: the original SkyTrak launch monitor bundle, which includes the launch monitor, protective case and 12 months Game Improvement Plan, and the SkyTrak+ launch monitor bundle. Again, the SkyTrak+ bundle includes a protective case and 12 months access to Game Improvement Plan. Let's delve further into the key features that make these bundles a must-have for golf enthusiasts.

Dual doppler radar technology (SkyTrak+ ONLY)

One of the new features introduced with the the SkyTrak+ launch monitor is cutting-edge, dual Doppler radar technology. Doppler radar is the tracking technology used in other launch monitor models such as the Mevo+ 2023 Edition. Doppler radar tracking technology is very accurate, especially outdoors. This technology can measure key ball and club parameters such as club head speed, smash factor, club path, and face angle with unmatched precision.

With dual Doppler radar, you can track your shots in real time, receiving instant feedback on every swing. The user-friendly interface of the SkyTrak ensures that you can easily monitor your progress and fine-tune your game.

Advanced photometric camera system

The advanced photometric camera system is offered with both the original SkyTrak and the newer SkyTrak+.

Advanced photometric camera system

The benefit here is that the camera captures high-speed images of your ball's trajectory and spin, ensuring you receive reliable ball-tracking data for both indoor and outdoor practice sessions. Photometric launch monitors tend to be more accurate indoors.

This gives the SkyTrak+ a healthy advantage over other launch monitors as it features both Doppler radar and photometric tracking systems. An unbeatable one-two combo for incredible precision.

User-friendly interface

Navigating through the world of tech can sometimes feel like deciphering an ancient language. But with the SkyTrak launch monitor, it's a whole different story. Designed with users in mind, this device effortlessly marries simplicity with sophistication.

Skytrak Launch Monitor - Main Dashboard

Setting it up is as easy as pie. No need for a tech manual or a call to your tech-savvy friend. Just pair the SkyTrak launch monitor with your preferred device - tablet, laptop or computer. Its built-in Wi-Fi capability ensures a smooth and hassle-free connection, so you won't be left fumbling with tangled wires or complicated settings.

On the other hand, you can also plug the unit directly into your PC or laptop to ensure the unit doesn't lose charge.

Real-time shot tracking

Imagine you're playing a video game, but instead of waiting to see your score at the end of a level, you get feedback immediately after every move. That's the magic of the SkyTrak launch monitor. It doesn't just track your shots; it brings the future of golfing analytics to your fingertips.

Real-time shot tracking

With the SkyTrak, there's no guesswork or delayed gratification. The moment the club connects with the ball, you're treated to a comprehensive breakdown of your shot. We're talking about key insights into shot shape, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and other vital metrics that can make or break your game.

Instead of pondering over what went wrong or right during a session, you can pinpoint areas of concern or celebration right on the spot. Did your shot veer too much to the left? Was the spin rate a tad too high? With SkyTrak, these queries are answered in real-time, allowing you to adjust and practice with purpose.

Comprehensive data analysis

Ever wondered how it'd feel to have a team of golf experts, data scientists, and tech whizzes right in your golf bag? Enter the SkyTrak launch monitor. But this isn't just any monitor; it's like a wise golf sage fuelled by the power of machine learning.

Comprehensive data analysis

With its proprietary algorithms, the SkyTrak doesn't just spit out generic data. Instead, it's in a league of its own when it comes to accuracy. Picture this: while other devices might give you a surface-level analysis, SkyTrak dives deep, decoding the nuances of your game with an analytical prowess that's simply unparalleled in its category.

Better still, as golfers from all corners of the globe use SkyTrak, the monitor is constantly learning, evolving, and sharpening its analytical skills. It's like a fine wine, getting better with time and experience. This means the feedback you get isn't just based on your shots; it's a culmination of data from thousands of swings, strokes, and shots worldwide.

Play on 150,000+ golf courses from around the world

With SkyTrak, you can transport yourself to over 150,000 simulated golf courses, including legendary ones like St. Andrews and Torrey Pines, from the comfort of your home. Whether you want to challenge yourself or enjoy a casual round, the immersive golf simulation experience is right at your fingertips.

The Golf Club 2019
SkyTrak is compatible with all leading golf simulation software like E6 Connect, The Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf, Awesome Golf and more. This ensures that your virtual golf adventures are as exciting and diverse as possible.

Choose your SkyTrak launch monitor

At Gamer Gear Direct, we understand that every golfer has unique needs and preferences. That's why we offer two fantastic bundles featuring the SkyTrak launch monitor and the SkyTrak+ launch monitor. Let's take a closer look at what each bundle has to offer:

SkyTrak launch monitor bundle

Starting from $3,999, the SkyTrak launch monitor is great value for money. This bundle includes the SkyTrak launch monitor, a protective metal case, and a bonus 12-month subscription to SkyTrak's Game Improvement software. You'll need this software to run the basic functionality of the SkyTrak launch monitor as well as any golf simulation software such as TGC 2019 or E6 Connect.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Bundle

The original SkyTrak is perfect if you want a great launch monitor with accurate tracking and access to leading golf simulation software. If you don't have the extra dollars to upgrade to the SkyTrak+, the original unit is a solid choice.

Key features

  • Cutting-edge SkyTrak software for realistic golf simulation
  • Photometric tracking system
  • No wires, easy setup, and portable design
  • Hyper-accurate 'Shot Tracer' technology
  • Customisable environment settings
  • Detailed performance tracking and progress monitoring
  • Protective metal case included
  • Free 12-month Game Improvement Plan subscription

Shop SkyTrak Launch Monitor Bundle

SkyTrak+ launch monitor bundle

The SkyTrak+ launch monitor is the newest addition to the SkyTrak range. With its dual doppler radar and advanced photometric camera system, it delivers unmatched precision, offering critical club data and reliable ball tracking for comprehensive shot analysis.

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor Bundle

The SkyTrak+ includes an official protective case for added durability, a 12-month subscription to the Game Improvement Plan software for enhanced training and bag mapping, and compatibility with top golf simulation software for immersive gameplay.

Backed by a 12-month limited warranty, SkyTrak+ is the ultimate tool for golfers seeking improvement, accuracy, and a truly immersive golf experience.

Key features

  • Dual doppler radar for precise club data
  • Advanced photometric camera system for accurate ball tracking
  • Access to over 100,000 golf courses, including legendary ones
  • Official protective case included for warranty coverage
  • 12-month Game Improvement Plan software subscription included
  • In-depth practice tools for skill improvement
  • New shot optimizer interface for easy analysis
  • Proprietary machine learning software for unmatched accuracy
  • Play with friends from home with virtual golf competitions
  • Access to top golf simulation software packages
  • Backed by a 12-month limited warranty

Shop SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor

Frequently asked questions

SkyTrak golf simulator bundle

What is a SkyTrak launch monitor?

The SkyTrak launch monitor is a state-of-the-art golfing tool designed to enhance your golfing experience. It provides precise data on various aspects of your swing and golf ball trajectory, helping you improve your game. At Gamer Gear Direct, we offer two bundles: the original SkyTrak launch monitor bundle and the SkyTrak+ launch monitor bundle.

How much does a SkyTrak launch monitor cost?

The cost of a SkyTrak launch monitor varies depending on the bundle you choose. The original SkyTrak starts at $3,999, while the SkyTrak+ starts from $5,598.

What are the key features of a SkyTrak launch monitor?

SkyTrak launch monitors come equipped with cutting-edge technology, including dual Doppler radar and an advanced photometric camera system. These features provide precise club and ball speed data for player skills assessment, access to a vast library of golf courses, user-friendly interfaces, real-time shot tracking, and comprehensive data analysis.

How many SkyTrak models are there?

Currently, there are two main models available: the SkyTrak launch monitor bundle and the SkyTrak+ launch monitor bundle. Both SkyTrak launch monitor bundles offer exceptional features and benefits, catering to different golfing preferences.

Who makes the SkyTrak launch monitor?

The SkyTrak launch monitor is developed and manufactured by GOLFTEC, a leading brand in golf simulation technology.

What benefits does a SkyTrak launch monitor offer?

The SkyTrak launch monitor offers several benefits, including improved game performance, precise data analysis, immersive golf simulation, convenient home practice, and cost efficiency. It allows golfers of all skill levels to refine their skills and enjoy virtual rounds on world-renowned courses.

What's included with a SkyTrak launch monitor bundle?

Both the SkyTrak and SkyTrak+ launch monitor bundles come with valuable inclusions such as protective cases and subscriptions to Game Improvement Plan software. These additions are designed to elevate your golfing experience.

Can I use a SkyTrak with golf simulation software?

Yes, SkyTrak launch monitors are compatible with leading golf simulation software like E6 Connect, The Golf Club 2019, and more. This compatibility offers an extensive range of virtual golf courses for your enjoyment.

How do I set up a SkyTrak launch monitor at home?

Setting up a SkyTrak launch monitor at home is a straightforward process. Simply connect it to your device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) via built-in Wi-Fi, and you're ready to start practicing and playing in the comfort of your home.

Is there a warranty included?

Yes, all SkyTrak launch monitors are backed by a 12-month limited warranty, giving you peace of mind when making your purchase.

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