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Cube Controls

Cube Controls has carved out a solid reputation in the realm of high-end sim racing wheels and accessories, elevating the game for sim racers worldwide. Buckle up, as we take you on a thrilling ride through the extraordinary range of this unparalleled brand.

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Cube Controls

Founded on a deep passion for motorsport and virtual racing, Cube Controls took its first steps in 2013. Since then, the company has relentlessly pursued the quest for creating the perfect blend of style, performance, and precision. 

From designing their first prototype in a small Italian workshop to setting the global standard for sim racing equipment, Cube Controls' journey is a testament to innovation and passion. Their dedication to developing high-performance, top-quality products that satisfy even the most discerning sim racers has made them a household name in the sim racing community.

So, whether you're a seasoned racer looking for a new challenge, or a beginner ready to take the plunge into the high-octane world of sim racing, Cube Controls offers you the tools to unlock an exceptional sim racing experience.

Key takeaways

What makes Cube Controls stand out?

Alright, so you're wondering: what's all the fuss about Cube Controls? Why are sim racers around the world going gaga over these wheels and accessories? Well, let's break it down.

Cube Controls founders: Fabio Roberto Sotgiu & Massimo Cubeddu

Firstly, Cube Controls is all about innovation. They are leading the charge in the sim racing world by introducing cutting-edge technology and advanced features into their products. Each piece of their collection is crafted with the utmost care, combining robust build quality with stylish design. You're not just getting a racing wheel or pedal, you're getting a piece of art that adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup.

Ever played a racing game and wished you could feel every gear shift, every turn, every acceleration just like in real life? Cube Controls heard you. Their range of wheels, pedals, and accessories are meticulously designed for ultimate realism. We're talking magnetic shifters, metal and carbon fibre construction, rotary encoders, load cell technology (for pedals) - the works. This isn't just about playing a game; it's about stepping into the shoes of a race car driver and experiencing the thrill first-hand.

But it's not just about the hardware; Cube Controls also delivers when it comes to software. Their intuitive interface on the CubeSet software makes it easy to get started, and the array of settings means you can fine-tune your gear to your heart's content.

Explore the Cube Controls premium wheel range

Prepare yourself for a journey into a world where high-tech and high-speed collide. Welcome to the world of Cube Controls premium wheel range.

Cube Controls CSX-3 Formula Sim Racing Wheel

Cube Controls is renowned for crafting some of the finest sim racing wheels on the market. Each model has been designed with a unique blend of style, innovation, and precision. They're not just wheels; they're the very heart of your sim racing setup, pumping adrenaline through every turn, every straight, and every gear shift.

GT Sport 

First up, we have the Cube Controls GT Sport Sim Racing Wheel. Designed with the serious racer in mind, this wheel combines versatility with durability. The wheel’s ergonomic grip and button placement are perfect for those long racing sessions, ensuring comfort and control even in the most intense moments.

Cube Controls GT Sport Sim Racing Wheel

Now, picture this: a sleek, custom-made Cube Controls steering rim in your hands. A front plate made entirely from carbon. Solid, dependable electronics that won't let you down mid-race. You're beginning to see why GT Sport is no ordinary wheel.

The GT Sport delivers a smooth and responsive driving experience, whether you're navigating sharp turns or speeding down the straight. And the best part? It's also available in a wireless version, compatible exclusively with Simucube, freeing you from the shackles of wires.

Ready to get your sim racing career off to a roaring start? The GT Sport is just the ticket. It's a wheel that's built for high-octane performance and reliability. And it's not just about function - it’s about style too. With its proprietary Cube Controls design and attention-grabbing stitching, the GT Sport certainly has the looks to match its performance.

Plus, with a 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, the wireless version boasts up to 40 hours of racing action. That's plenty of time to master those tricky turns, perfect your overtakes, and cross the finish line in first place.

The GT Sport is more than just a wheel; it's your reliable companion for long hours of immersive, high-level sim racing. Comfortable, durable, and stylish, it's the perfect choice for those ready to rev up their sim racing experience.

Key features

  • High-quality Construction: The GT Sport features a carbon front plate and a custom-made Cube Controls steering rim, promising a robust and durable wheel that can handle high-intensity gaming sessions
  • Attention to Detail: With its proprietary Cube Controls design and attractive stitching, the GT Sport not only performs well but also adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup
  • Wireless Freedom: The wireless version of the GT Sport, compatible with Simucube, allows you to enjoy unrestricted movement and an untethered gaming experience
  • Long-lasting Performance: Equipped with a 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, the wireless GT Sport offers up to 40 hours of non-stop racing action, perfect for those marathon gaming sessions
  • Reliable and Responsive: Despite being an entry-level wheel, the GT Sport is designed for a smooth and responsive driving experience, making it an excellent choice for those new to sim racing or seasoned gamers looking for a dependable wheel

GT Pro 

Next, we have the Cube Controls GT Pro Sim Racing Wheel. Where the GT Sport is Cube Control's entry level, GT wheel, the GT Pro takes everything that makes the GT Sport a great wheel and kicks it up to 11! 

Cube Controls GT Sport Sim Racing Wheel

The custom rims of GT Pro that have been crafted to perfection, promising improved ergonomics for your utmost comfort. Now imagine a gleaming, 100% carbon front plate. And when the lights go down, the GT Pro doesn't fade into the shadows. Its full backlit buttons light up your racing world.

Love the feel of magnetic paddles under your fingers? The GT Pro has you covered. With CNC aluminium knobs and a joystick to boot, this wheel has all the bells and whistles a racer could dream of.

But wait, there's more! You don't have to worry about clutches, and there's a wireless version available too (compatible with Simucube only), liberating you from the tangles of wires.

The GT Pro isn't just reliable; it's also highly customisable and available in three unique rim styles:

  • The GT Pro Cube - Features a seamless D-shaped rim similar to the GT Sport
  • The GT Pro Zero - Boasts a ‘C-shaped’ design with improved ergonomics
  • The GT Pro Sparco - an Italian dream team where the Cube Controls rock-solid button box joins forces with Sparco's superb D-shaped crown

Each one is a Cube Controls original and has a wireless version powered by a 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery. Yes, you read that right, up to 40 hours of non-stop racing without compromising on comfort (compatible with Simucube wheelbases only).

Key features

  • Perfected Performance: The GT Pro wheel stands at the crossroads of style and performance, making it a dream come true for GT enthusiasts. Its superior design enhances your racing experience like never before.
  • Custom Comfort: With an ergonomically improved custom rim, the GT Pro ensures maximum comfort even during the most intense races.
  • Top-Tier Materials: Featuring a 100% carbon front plate, CNC aluminium knobs, and a joystick, the GT Pro wheel screams quality. Its construction guarantees a sturdy and durable wheel, built to last.
  • Light Up Your Game: With its fully backlit buttons, the GT Pro adds a spark to your gaming experience, providing visibility even during those late-night gaming sessions.
  • Wireless Wonders: The wireless version of GT Pro, compatible only with Simucube, lets you break free from the shackles of cords. Plus, with a 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, you get up to 40 hours of non-stop racing, perfect for long sessions without sacrificing comfort.

Shop Cube Controls GT Pro V2


Ready to unlock your sim racing potential? Say hello to the F-CORE. This wheel is your key to immerse yourself in the captivating world of sim racing while delivering an unparalleled driving experience.

Cube Controls F-CORE Sim Racing WheelThe formula style F-CORE comes armed with a Q-CONN magnetic connection and a USB/Bluetooth Dual Mode, offering you the flexibility to choose your preferred connection method. Love the thrill of gear-shifting? The shifter paddle set, crafted from carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP), will bring a smile to your face. And for those who desire that extra layer of realism, optional clutches are available.

And guess what? The F-CORE doesn’t compromise on build quality either. The strong carbon fibre front plate and rock-solid electronics ensure that your wheel stands the test of time. Please note, the hub is not included.

Let's talk about your first big step into the world of sim racing. The F-CORE is the perfect package to elevate your setup and experience the game-changing power of high-quality hardware. Don't let the "entry-level" tag fool you - the F-CORE boasts a unique design and offers a flexible platform to unleash your top performances.

The F-CORE is all about superior reliability. With a robust 2000mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, it's built for the long haul, delivering up to 40 hours of racing. That means you can enjoy your long driving sessions without any interruption and keep comfort at the forefront.

Key features

  • Flexible Connectivity: The F-CORE comes with a Q-CONN magnetic connection and USB/Bluetooth Dual Mode, giving you the freedom to choose the connectivity option that best suits your gaming setup.
  • Immersive Driving Experience: With its carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) shifter paddle set and optional clutches, the F-CORE delivers a realistic and thrilling driving experience right at your fingertips.
  • Uncompromised Quality: Boasting a robust carbon fibre front plate and reliable electronics, the F-CORE offers a resilient and durable wheel, promising lasting performance even under intense gaming conditions.
  • Power-Packed Performance: Don't let the "entry-level" tag mislead you. The F-CORE wheel provides a flexible platform for top performance, helping you unlock your full potential in sim racing.
  • Marathon-Ready: Equipped with a sturdy 2000mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, the F-CORE guarantees up to 40 hours of non-stop racing action. So, gear up for those long gaming marathons without worrying about battery life or comfort.

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The Cube Controls F-PRO formula/GT wheel boasts a USB + Bluetooth dual-mode connection, giving you the flexibility of seamless connectivity. But it's not just about the connection, the Cube Controls F-PRO also offers completely customisable RGB backlit buttons. Now, each button can echo your style with a universe of colour possibilities at your disposal.

Cube Controls F-PRO Sim Racing Wheel

Cube Controls has upped the game here with the double joystick, magnetic connectors, and our unique magnetic switchless shifter paddles. Featuring adjustable stop ends and improved tactile feedback, every shift will be a thrill. The robust 100% carbon fibre front plate and die-cast aluminium main body round up the superior build of the Cube Controls F-PRO.

The new Q-Conn magnetic coupling of the Cube Controls F-PRO not only protects the steering wheels but also eliminates stress on the power cable during battery charging and racing sessions in USB mode.

And the cherry on top? The customisable RGB buttons. Each button is individually configurable, offering infinite colour combinations. Now, you can customise your sim racing experience to make it uniquely yours. Welcome to the next level of immersive sim racing with the Cube Controls F-PRO.

Key features

  • Flexible Connectivity: Enjoy seamless connectivity with the Cube Controls F-PRO's USB + Bluetooth dual-mode connection, giving you the choice to connect the way you prefer.
  • Unrivalled Customization: Dive into a universe of colour possibilities with completely customisable RGB backlit buttons on the Cube Controls F-PRO. Customise each button to your style, creating a unique, personalised gaming setup.
  • Precision Control: Experience the thrill of every gear shift with custom-designed magnetic switchless shifter paddles, featuring adjustable stop ends and improved tactile feedback.
  • Next-Level Build Quality: The Cube Controls F-PRO brings robust construction with its 100% carbon fibre front plate and die-cast aluminium main body, ensuring durable performance for your intense racing sessions.
  • Enhanced Protection: With the new Q-Conn magnetic coupling, the F-PRO prioritises the longevity of your steering wheels, reducing stress on the power cable during battery charging and USB mode racing sessions.

Shop Cube Controls F-PRO


Next is the Cube Controls CSX-3 Sim Racing Wheel. These steering wheels are the epitome of Cube Controls' commitment to cutting-edge technology and superior design. The CSX-3 is the perfect choice for those who demand nothing but the best.

Cube Controls CSX-3 Formula Sim Racing Wheel

The CSX-3 will exceed the expectations of even the most discerning racer and bring a new dimension to your racing world. The CSX-3 fuses the best features of the F-PRO with the revolutionary capabilities of touch-screen display steering wheels. Quick interactions and faster controls are now just a touch away.

The CSX-3 is not like ordinary steering wheels; it's an invitation to push the boundaries of sim racing. With a Q-conn connection, customisable RGB LEDs buttons, and a full-colour touch-screen LCD display, this is the future of gaming controls. And it's not just about the features. The CSX-3 is built to last with a 100% pure carbon fibre front plate and a CNC aluminium main body, knobs, and joystick. Want more? You got it. An optional extra paddle set is also available.

The CSX-3 also integrates with SimHub, opening up an expansive canvas for dashboard layout and RGB LED customization. You can now personalise your gaming experience down to the last detail. And with the optional CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymer) paddle set, you're always in control of your race.

Key features

  • Revolutionary Interactivity: Harness the power of a full-colour touch-screen LCD display for lightning-quick controls and interactions, taking your racing performance to new heights.
  • Premium Build Quality: Experience unparalleled durability with a 100% pure carbon fibre front plate and CNC aluminium body, promising long-lasting performance for countless racing sessions.
  • Enhanced Customization: Personalise your racing setup with customisable RGB LED buttons and SimHub compatibility for uniquely tailored dashboard layouts.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Benefit from the seamless Q-conn connection, ensuring reliable and consistent performance across all your intense races.
  • Optional Extra Control: Take advantage of the optional CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymer) paddle set, offering you even greater control and precision in your races.

Shop Cube Controls CSX-3

SP01 Pedals

Pair your Cube Controls wheel with the SP01 Sim Racing Pedals, and you've got a setup that's worthy of a pro sim racer. 

Cube Controls SP01 Sim Racing Pedals

Performance sits in the driver's seat when we talk about the Cube Controls SP01 pedals. Designed with precision at the heart, these pedals are sure to elevate your racing experience to a new level.

Cube Controls understands that one size doesn't fit all, especially when it's about setting up your pedals. That's why the SP01 pedals offer multiple springs and elastomers combinations - so you can tailor your SP01 pedals just the way you like.

The brake pedal has been engineered with a robust 200kg load cell to give you feedback as solid as rock, helping you feel every nuance of your drive.

To wrap up the package, Cube Controls proprietary CubeSet software is at your disposal, ensuring a smooth calibration experience. With Cube Controls SP01 pedals, you're not just buying a product; you're stepping into a world of high-performance sim racing where precision is king.

Key features

  • Unparalleled Customization: Tailor your SP01 Pedals to your personal preference with multiple springs and elastomers combinations. You're in full control of your setup.
  • Solid Feedback: A robust 200kg load cell on the brake provides rock-solid feedback, allowing you to experience every nuance of your drive with remarkable accuracy.
  • Superior Precision: The SP01 Pedals have been engineered for precision performance, allowing you to master the speed and dominate the track with supreme control.
  • Comfortable Grip: The smooth and sturdy throttle plate pairs flawlessly with our G+ Socks to give you just the right grip. This pedal is your perfect partner in those long races.
  • Easy Calibration: Cube Controls' proprietary software ensures a smooth calibration experience, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most - your performance on the track.

Shop Cube Controls SP01

Enhance your racing experience with Cube Controls accessories

In the thrilling world of sim racing, Cube Controls isn't just about outstanding steering wheels. They've extended their commitment to quality, performance, and precision to a fantastic lineup of accessories designed to ramp up your experience to a whole new level of realism. Let's take a spin through some of their most game-changing add-ons!

Wheel add-ons

Q-CONN Magnetic USB Cable: Ever experienced that dreaded moment when a sudden, intense manoeuvre tugs your steering wheel's USB cable? With Cube Controls' Q-CONN Magnetic USB Cable, that's a thing of the past. This ingenious accessory uses a strong magnetic connection to keep your cable secure while allowing for quick, effortless disconnects when you need them. It's like your steering wheels and your rig are in perfect sync, protecting your equipment from any unintentional yanks.

Universal Wheel Hub: This versatile gem from Cube Controls allows you to mount any of their premium steering wheels to most direct-drive bases. The result? The freedom to pair your favourite Cube Controls wheel with your preferred sim rig, ensuring the best racing experience tailored to your exact preference.

QRX Quick Release: The QRX Quick Release is an answer to every sim racer's dream - swift, hassle-free steering wheel changes with no compromise on stability. Switch between your Cube Controls GT, F-Pro, or CSX-3 steering wheels in seconds without losing that rock-solid, wobble-free connection essential for precision control.

Add-On Paddles: Want a little extra control? Check out Cube Controls' Add-On Paddles. These provide an additional layer of functionality to your steering wheels, allowing you to make swift gear shifts or precise control inputs with a satisfying 'click' that mimics real race cars.

Pedal Add-Ons

SP01 Elastomer Kit: The right pedal feel can make all the difference, and that's exactly what you get with the SP01 Elastomer Kit. This kit allows you to fine-tune the resistance of your SP01 pedals, achieving the perfect balance between pedal travel and force. From light resistance for rapid-fire gear changes to a stiff setup for a more realistic brake feel, the choice is yours.

G+ Sim Racing Socks: Don't underestimate the importance of what's on your feet in the world of sim racing! The Cube Controls G+ Sim Racing Socks are specifically designed to boost your pedal performance. These high-grip socks give you a level of pedal control and sensitivity that's hard to beat, allowing you to hit those brake and throttle inputs with impressive precision. Made with comfort and breathability in mind, these socks transform even the most demanding racing sessions into a comfortable ride.

In a nutshell, Cube Controls' lineup of accessories isn't just about enhancing the look of your sim rig (though they do that splendidly!) - they're about ramping up the functionality, usability, and realism of your sim racing setup. They're the icing on the cake, the perfect finish to a racing setup that's all about immersing you in the most lifelike racing experience possible.

Have you ever fallen head over heels for a racing wheel, only to discover it's not compatible with your current wheelbase? Yeah, we've been there, too. And let's be honest, it's a total buzzkill.

But guess what? With Cube Controls, you won't have that problem. This brand understands the pain of wheelbase incompatibility. That's why they've ensured their steering wheels are not only top-of-the-line but also super versatile.

One of the things we love about Cube Controls is their wireless connection with Simucube wheelbases. It's just so... seamless. No cables, no clutter, no fuss. Just effortless, wireless, high-speed communication between your racing wheel and your Simucube wheelbase.

"But what if I don't have a Simucube wheelbase?" we hear you ask. Well, you're in luck, because Cube Controls has your back on that one, too. Their universal steering wheel hubs and quick releases mean you can add a Cube Controls wheel to pretty much any wheelbase.

So whether you've got a Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec or whatever else, you're covered. It's like Cube Controls has created this awesome universal translator that lets their steering wheels speak the same language as any wheelbase.

Cube Controls wheel and pedal software

Let's dive into the world of Cube Controls software, and trust us, it's way more fun than it sounds. Cube Controls offers two unique software packages for your sim racing equipment: CubeSet for their wheels and PedalUI for their pedals.

Plus, Cube Controls wheels like the CSX-3 are compatible with the ever-popular SimHub.

First up, we have the CubeSet software. This baby is designed to make your wheel setup as easy as a Sunday morning drive. Just download it from the Cube Controls website, plug in your wheel, and follow the easy steps in the software. It's intuitive, user-friendly, and gets your wheel ready for action in no time.

You can adjust everything from force feedback to button mapping and LED indicators. And the best part? It saves your presets, so you can create custom setups for different games. Imagine having your perfect settings for F1 2023, iRacing, or Assetto Corsa, and being able to switch between them with a click.

Now let's shift gears to the PedalUI software. We know, 'pedal calibration' sounds like a complex task reserved for NASA engineers, but with PedalUI, it's a breeze. Just like CubeSet, you download PedalUI from the Cube Controls website, connect your pedals, and follow the prompts.

With PedalUI, you can adjust the pedal sensitivity, force curves, and more, tailoring the pedal response to your exact driving style. It's like having a custom-tailored suit, but for your feet.

So, setting up your Cube Controls software? It's as easy as 1-2-3. Just remember, the key here is customisation. Whether it's your wheel or your pedals, Cube Controls software is all about letting you tweak and tune to get your gear feeling just right. After all, in the world of sim racing, every detail counts.


We've revved the engines of Cube Controls' history, sped down the track of their premium wheel and pedal ranges, navigated the chicane of accessory walkthroughs, and finally, crossed the finish line with a seamless software setup. But the real race is just beginning.

Cube Controls isn't just about creating sim racing equipment. It's about creating experiences - the adrenaline rush of the race, the thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of a perfect lap. And all of that is possible thanks to their commitment to precision, quality, and most importantly, their dedication to sim racers like you.

Their robust and versatile collection, each meticulously designed and crafted, means there's a perfect Cube Controls product for every racer, whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast. With the Cube Controls range in your rig, you're not just playing a game, you're living the race.

In the world of sim racing, details matter. The tiniest adjustment can make the difference between winning and losing. That's why Cube Controls has created a lineup that is all about customization and control, from their easy-to-use software to the tweakable settings on their wheels and pedals.

So gear up, get ready, and embrace the exceptional driving experience that is Cube Controls. It's not just about winning the race - it's about feeling every turn, every straight, every victory. That's the Cube Controls difference.

And remember, in the end, it's all about the drive. The passion. The thrill of racing. So go out there, set your best lap times, embrace the race, and most importantly - have fun! After all, with Cube Controls in your rig, the world of sim racing is your racetrack.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Cube Controls sim racing equipment stand out?

Cube Controls' sim racing wheels and pedals are renowned for their precision, customizability, and unparalleled quality. They offer premium products designed and crafted to deliver a realistic and immersive sim racing experience. From high-end wheel rims to top-notch pedals, every piece is built with attention to detail to satisfy the most demanding sim racers.

Are Cube Controls sim racing wheels compatible with all wheel bases?

Cube Controls builts its wheels with a highly versatile design. While they offer a wireless connection specifically with Simucube wheel bases, they also provide a range of wheel hubs and quick releases to ensure you can add a Cube Controls wheel to virtually any wheel base.

What's the benefit of Cube Controls' Q-CONN magnetic USB cable?

The Q-CONN magnetic USB cable provides a robust and secure connection for your Cube Controls wheel, while also ensuring easy disconnection to prevent damage during intense gaming sessions. This system is built with a design to protect your wheel from stress, prolonging its lifespan.

What is the PedalUI pedal calibration software?

PedalUI is a proprietary software developed by Cube Controls for its pedal sets. It allows users to calibrate their pedals precisely according to their preference, enhancing the driving experience by offering a smooth and accurate pedal response.

How customisable are Cube Controls' sim racing wheels?

Cube Controls' sim racing wheels are highly customisable. They come with RGB backlit buttons that you can customise for an individualised touch, while the CubeSet software allows for fine-tuned settings adjustments to match your personal racing style.

Can Cube Controls wheels be used wirelessly?

Yes, several Cube Controls wheels offer a wireless version. These wheels with a unique design come in multiple colors including blue and red and are compatible with Simucube wheelbases for a cord-free, clutter-less racing setup.

What materials are used in Cube Controls products?

Cube Controls uses high-quality materials such as 100% carbon fibre and CNC machined aluminium for its products. This ensures durability, lightweight handling, and a premium feel.

What is the battery life of the wireless versions of Cube Controls wheels?

The wireless versions of Cube Controls wheels have a built-in 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, which can last up to 40 hours. This ensures long, uninterrupted driving sessions without sacrificing comfort.

What kind of add-ons does Cube Controls offer?

Cube Controls offers various add-ons including the Q-CONN magnetic USB cable, universal wheel hub, QRX quick release, and add-on paddle sets for a fully customisable racing setup. They also offer the SP01 elastomer kit to modify the feel of their SP01 pedal set. The Cube Control Sim Racing wheels and add-ons are priced competitively, with VAT add included, bringing the total cost close to the expected budget.

What are Cube Controls G+ sim racing socks?

The Cube Controls G+ sim racing socks are built with a design to enhance pedal feel and control. They offer superior grip and comfort, ensuring precise pedal input during intensive sim racing sessions. These socks provide an added layer of realism to your racing experience.

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