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🥳🥳Asetek Invicta Wheelbase Now Just $2,199 (Save $400!)🥳🥳
🥳🥳Asetek Invicta Wheelbase Now Just $2,199 (Save $400!)🥳🥳

MOZA Racing R12 Bundle

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Level up your sim racing with the MOZA R12 direct drive bundle

Dive into the ultimate sim racing experience with the MOZA R12 wheelbase and wheel bundle. Offering a formidable 12 Nm of torque from its direct-drive servo motor, the R12 stands at the forefront of racing technology, delivering performance that can transform your sim racing from routine to extraordinary. 

The aviation-grade aluminium alloy construction strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and robust strength, ensuring that maximum torque is delivered without compromise. With wireless power and data transmission, The R12 eliminates the hassle of tangled wires and ensuring a clean, efficient workspace. 

Included in this bundle is your choice of MOZA wireless racing wheel. The standard price includes the 280mm ES racing wheel, but you can choose to upgrade your wheel from the options above.

Key features

  • Bundle includes the R12 wheelbase and MOZA racing wheel
  • 12Nm torque for full-range force feedback realism
  • Compact design maximizes torque in a lightweight body
  • Aviation-grade aluminium for unparalleled durability
  • Customize settings via MOZA Pit House software
  • Smart temperature control for consistent performance
  • Zero latency wireless technology for seamless wheel communication
  • Quad-core processing for precise force feedback
  • Cloud control app for easy setting adjustments
  • Fully compatible within the MOZA ecosystem (except V1 wheels)
  • Easy assembly for quick setup and play
  • Backed by a one year manufacturer warranty

Your choice of MOZA racing wheel included

Packed with your new R12 direct drive wheelbase is a MOZA wireless racing wheel of your choice.

The standard price above includes the standout ES wheel. However, you can choose an alternative wheel from the selection above.

Each MOZA wheel features wireless communication with the wheelbase (no need for messy cables), a race-grade quick release system and multiple programmable buttons.

No matter which wheel you choose you'll be impressed with the quality and performance.

MOZA Racing R12 Bundle With Wheel
MOZA Racing R12 wheelbase

The R12 boasts a powerful servo motor for immersive force feedback

Prepare to be blown away by the MOZA Racing R12, where power meets precision in an unparalleled sim racing experience. The moment this wheelbase is mounted to your rig, the immersive world of racing becomes more real than ever before. 

Boasting a formidable 12Nm of peak torque and zero latency, the R12 doesn't just simulate the road, it brings it to life right in your hands. Every bump, every slip of the tire, and the raw power of acceleration are felt with an intensity that needs to be experienced to be believed.

This is the magic of direct drive technology – no belts, no gears, just pure, unadulterated force feedback that directly connects you to the digital tarmac.

The R12's servo motor is engineered for the enthusiast who demands authenticity, offering a level of realism that mirrors the thrill of being behind the wheel of a high-performance race car.

Advanced zero latency technology

Powered by MOZA's proprietary quad-core architecture and cutting-edge zero latency technology, the R12 stands in a league of its own. This powerhouse setup processes data at lightning speeds, delivering a jaw-dropping 1,000Hz refresh rate that ensures every nuance of the race is felt in real-time. 

The sensation of the car's behaviour, from the grip of the tires to the texture of the track, is relayed with unparalleled precision, offering a competitive edge that could make all the difference at the finish line.

But raw power and speed are nothing without reliability. That's where the R12's advanced temperature control comes into play. With built-in temperature sensors actively monitoring the system, the R12 maintains optimal performance conditions, ensuring stable operation and endurance even during the most intense competitive racing scenarios.

MOZA Racing R9 V2 wheelbase zero latency
MOZA Racing R9 V2 wheelbase rear view

Housing crafted from aviation-grade aluminium

The MOZA Racing R12 direct drive wheelbase isn't just about delivering top-notch specs, it's also crafted to elevate the aesthetics of your setup. 

At just 23cm in length and weighing in at a mere 7.5kg, the R12 boasts an incredibly compact and efficient design, making it a standout addition to any racing rig. 

Constructed from robust aviation-grade aluminium, this wheelbase is the epitome of durability and style, designed to withstand the intensity of competitive racing while maintaining a sleek, professional look.

Compatibility is key, and the R12 excels with versatile mounting options that cater to a wide range of racing cockpits.

Whether you're setting up on a Trak Racer, Playseat, Next Level Racing setup, or anything in between, the side and bottom mount options ensure a secure and straightforward installation.

Effortless plug-and-play with MOZA Pit House software

Dive straight into the heart of racing with the MOZA Racing R12 direct drive wheelbase, designed to make the transition from unboxing to racing as seamless as possible. 

Leveraging the power of MOZA’s Pit House software, this wheelbase defines what it means to be truly plug-and-play. Simply connect the R12 to your PC, launch Pit House, and follow the intuitive calibration process to sync your wheel and wheelbase perfectly with your racing environment. It’s that easy. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of sim racing or just starting to explore this thrilling world, the R12 is engineered to get you into the action without the hassle.

MOZA Pit House software

MOZA R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase

Applicable Platform

Driving Type
Direct Drive

Maximum Steering Angle

Housing Material
Aluminium Alloy

Housing Colour

Maximum Torque
12 Nm

Maximum Power

Input Voltage
110V~220V AC —> 36V DC

USB Refresh Rate

Wheelbase Indicator Light

Smartphone APP

Quick Release
Customized Quick Release

Connection Port
Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen

User Guide, Warranty Card, Power Supply, USB Cable, Took Kit

4 holes on the bottom; exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp

Table Clamp

Side Mounting

Emergency Stop Switch

Firmware Upgrade

Size (L x W x H mm)
226 x 157 x 124

7.5 KG

MOZA ES Racing Wheel

Microfibre Leather

Face Plate Material
Aluminium Alloy

Shifter Paddle Material
Aluminium Alloy