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Cougar Gaming

With the rise in popularity of gaming chairs, brands like Cougar Gaming have quickly moved into the spotlight. The brand has developed quality gaming gear for well over a decade. They make and design everything from headsets, mice, accessories, and power supplies. They also make PC cases, cooling fans, and of course, gaming chairs.

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Cougar Gaming armor chair line-up

Cougar gaming chairs are some of the best chairs in the industry. You may not be familiar with the brand, but we at Gamer Gear Direct know how good their products can get. This is why we stock the entire Cougar chair range, from solid midrange models to high-end, high-performance Cougar chair models.

Why You Should Choose Cougar for Your New Gaming Chair

If you spend a large portion of the day at your desk, then having an ergonomic chair is incredibly important. A good chair can provide support and comfort, helping to avoid potential back pain. That said, should you trust a Cougar chair to do that?

Cougar gaming chairs lined up together

The short answer is yes. Cougar gaming chairs are everything you would expect a good chair to be. Depending on your preferences, they pack the features and benefits you need for your long gaming sessions. These include;

1. Excellent Ergonomics

Yes, gaming on a couch is cool, but it often ends in back and neck cramping during extended sessions. To avoid this, manufacturers employ ergonomics in their chair designs.

Ergonomics is a design philosophy centred around creating products that favour human physiology and psychology. It’s all about comfort and physical wellness. And when it comes to that, Cougar chairs are packed with excellent ergonomic features at every level.

COUGAR Armor S Gaming Chair, Full Steel Frame, 4D adjustable arm rest, Gas  lift height adjustable

Cougar Gaming designs its chairs to enhance the gamer’s comfort across all price points. You get adjustable armrests, headrests, lumbar support, and other features to help maintain the ideal posture. This ensures comfort during extended stretches of sitting.

Of course, the implementation of ergonomics varies from model to model. For instance, there are those with lumbar pillows and those that implement a lumbar support design. But, whatever cougar chair you go for, you know you’re getting excellent ergonomics for the price.

2. High Build Quality

Build quality is the second most important feature of a gaming chair. After all, you want a chair to serve you for as long as possible. It might be the most comfortable chair globally, but it’s not worth the money if it breaks easily.

Cougar Armor S Royal Chair armrest

Fortunately, Cougar gaming chairs offer excellent build quality. All their models are sturdy, made from high-quality parts, and promise a high level of durability. They feature steel frames to support a human’s body weight and premium PVC leather or mesh.

Some of the benefits of PVC leather include;

  • It’s a softer, more flexible, and less-expensive imitation of leather
  • It’s water and stain-resistant. This makes it perfect for gamers who love to drink and snack while playing since no clean-up is required.
  • It’s fire-resistant. So, you can rest easy if you’ve experienced a fire incident or two due to crazy overclocking.

There are also Cougar chair models with mesh. It’s a highly breathable material that allows air and body heat to pass through the seat, keeping you fresh and dry. It’s also pretty lightweight, making for weightless chairs.

Cougar ARMOR Chair Black & Orange recline function

Note that build quality is also about your safety as a gamer. This is why we appreciate brands taking extra steps to ensure that their chairs are reliable and safe to use. With a Cougar throne, you know you won’t be shopping for a new gaming chair anytime soon.

3. Great Style

Cougar chairs are also popular for their great style. There really isn’t one word to describe them since there are many different style options available. This means that whatever your dream chair aesthetic is, Cougar probably has it.

For instance, if you love racing-style chairs, there are the Explore models. Or maybe you want something that gives off a mechanical, robotic vibe; there is the Terminator. Those who prefer simple yet elegant designs will also find that with the Argo models.

Cougar Gaming Chair Models

Here’s a quick glimpse of all of Cougar’s range of chair models.


Cougar’s Terminator gaming chair brings the perfect combination of functionality and ergonomics in a cool mechanical aesthetic. This is perhaps why the company has named it an ‘unprecedented revolution of the gaming chair.’ Full of features and enhancements, the chair offers excellent performance, making it a dream seat for many gamers and esports players.

 COUGAR Terminator chair


Argo is a well-built chair with excellent ergonomics. The seat features a simplistic yet striking design. Its features, on the other hand, don’t disappoint. They collaborate to ensure you get the most comfortable gaming experience possible.

Cougar Argo Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Argo One

Argo One is the latest model in Cougar’s line of Argo chairs. It borrows a lot from the Argo and improves all of it, from the elegant design to the breathable elastomeric mesh at the back. In addition, the chair offers excellent support and comfort thanks to the PAFRP frame, contoured lumbar support, and adjustable backrest, headers, and armrest.

Cougar Gaming Argo One chair


The Outrider Cougar chair is all about premium comfort. You get an excellent seat that keeps you in the zone throughout your gaming adventures. The ergonomics, durability, and design of this comfortable chair are also top of the line.

Cougar Gaming Outrider chair

Outrider S

Outrider S takes the premium in Outrider up a notch. It’s a fully adjustable and super comfortable seat made to the highest level of quality for support and durability. The chair is designed to support your head, neck, back, and arms over long gaming periods.

Cougar Gaming Outrider S chair

Armor Titan

Armor Titan is a massive throne that’s designed for premium comfort. The chair is aesthetically pleasing, made from top-notch materials, and has many adjustment options. It can also support plenty of weight (up to 160 Kgs), which is why it’s called Armor Titan.

Cougar Gaming Titan chair

Armor Titan Pro

If you fancy yourself a serious gamer, the Titan is for you. It comes in a visually attractive design and features top-quality materials for maximum comfort and durability while gaming. In addition, it’s a heavy-duty chair that can support up to 160 kilograms.

Cougar Gaming Titan Pro


The Cougar Explore chair is made with professional gamers in mind. Featuring that race car seat aesthetic that’s so iconic among esports players, the chair brings a perfect balance of comfort and durability.

Cougar Explore chair

Explore S

Cougar Explore S is a chair that uses top-quality, durable materials and ingenious design to bring you maximum comfort and durability. It features high-density mould shaped foam, a reclining backrest, and perforated PVC leather supported by a strong steel metal frame.

Cougar Gaming Explore S chair

There's also the Explore S Royal. This chair is a perfect combination of ergonomics and a sleek design. The Cougar Explore S Royal chair is made from high-quality, long-lasting materials that ensure high levels of comfort. It also features the unique Cougar design.

Armor One Series

Cougar Armor One Series has stable, ergonomic, and customizable chairs that bring comfort on all levels. They achieve this using a body-embracing design with a head and lumbar pillow, a full steel frame, and breathable PVC leather. These ensure that you remain fresh and comfortable throughout your sessions.

Cougar ARMOR One chair

Armor One Royal

The Cougar Armor One Royal is an excellent chair for long gaming sessions where comfort is needed. It’s a fully-adjustable gaming throne made from high-quality materials that promise durability and luxury. With the Cougar Armor One chair, you get a body-embracing high back design with breathable leather and head and lumbar pillows.

Cougar Armor One Royal chair

Armor S

The Cougar Armor S aims to be the ultimate gaming throne with its luxury features designed to take comfortable chairs to a whole new level. The chair has a body-embracing design that fully supports your neck and back with the help of head and lumbar pillows. It also has an adjustable design.

Cougar Gaming Armor S chair

Armor S Royal

If you want to be part of gaming royalty, the Cougar Armor S Royal is the chair for you. This premium seat is made from high-quality materials put together in a sleek design with customization capabilities. The premium suede-like texture and golden stitching make it a gorgeous chair for your setup.

Cougar Armor S Royal chair


Cougar Armor is an excellent chair with premium components and a design that can be customized to your needs. The chair adequately supports your neck and back to ensure comfort throughout your gaming sessions. Furthermore, it uses a steel frame for support and durability.

Cougar Gaming Armor chair

Armor Pro

If you want to go pro, the Cougar Armor Pro will take you there. Featuring high-quality components supported by a steel frame and a fully customizable design, the chair does its job quite perfectly. The suede-like texture, body embracing design, and breathable PVC leather are more reasons to go for this chair.

Cougar Gaming Armor Pro chair


Cougar Fusion fuses high-quality materials and excellent design to bring gamers premium comfort in a sleek package. Whether you want it all-black or with orange stripes, this chair oozes both class and durability.

Cougar Gaming Fusion chair

Ranger Sofa

The super comfy Cougar Ranger sofa chair is perfect for console or handheld gaming. The Ranger sofa includes a built in footrest so you can recline, put your feet up and chill out. The Ranger is made from premium materials, such as a steel frame, high-quality components, and a tilted backrest. The Cougar Ranger sofa hands you incredible levels of comfort. It's exactly what you need to enjoy long gaming sessions whenever you want.

Cougar Gaming Ranger sofa chair

Final Take

Cougar Gaming has more than impressed with its excellent line-up of gaming chairs. It's the brand for you if you’ve been looking for a throne to match your setup. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for your Cougar chair; we have the entire line-up at Gamer Gear Direct. Just browse, choose, and buy whichever seat impresses you the most.

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