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🏎 🏎 Save $50 On ALL Racing Simulator Bundles...CLICK HERE For More Details 🏎 🏎

SkyTrak Pro Practice Golf Simulator Bundle

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The SkyTrak pro bundle golf simulator gives you all the gear you need to start hitting balls on all your favourite golf courses from around the world…and boost your skill level in a big way!

Practicing your golf game is easy from the comfort of your on home thanks to the SkyTrak launch monitor and Net Return Pro Series golf bay.

The revolutionary technology packed inside the SkyTrak provides all the accuracy, reliability and fun of a commercial golf simulator for a fraction of the price.

Seriously, until SkyTrak came along, you could expect to pay $10,000, $20,000…even $50,000 for the same level of accuracy and realism from a golf simulator.

Likewise, the Pro Series V2 net from The Net Return is a quality piece of kit. You’re looking at a lightweight, commercial grade net that is specifically designed to return your ball EVERYTIME.

It can easily handle golf ball speeds of more than 300 km/h and provides you with the handy ability to practice anytime and anywhere.

So, it’s the perfect partner for the SkyTrak launch monitor and will help you perfect your swing while you play your all-time favourite courses.

This is the perfect golf sim package for a larger lounge, theatre room or garage.

The Pro Series V2 net is designed to be used in rooms with minimum dimensions of 2.60m (H) x 3.70m (W) x 5m (L). You can also use the SkyTrak launch monitor and net outdoors.

More details below.

First, let’s cover all the awesome features packed into our SkyTrak & Net Return Pro Series golf bay bundle.

Key features

  • Bundle includes the SkyTrak launch monitor and The Net Return Pro Series golf bay
  • Perfect set-up for practicing your golf game at home
  • Home series net crafted from commercial grade, UV treated black, polyester netting. Specifically designed to handle ball speeds over and above 300 km/h
  • 250,000 shot guarantee
  • Perfect for garages, lounges, theatre rooms and backyards. Minimum room dimensions = 2.60m (H) x 3.70m (W) x 5m (L)
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • One person assembly in under 5 minutes flat! No tools required
  • 1.5 inch, tubular frame is lightweight yet rigid and rugged. Powder coated in scratch-resistant black paint
  • Frame features a handy, colour connect system and large, stainless steel push buttons for easy set up and pulling apart.
  • Includes a rugged, black duffle bag to easily and neatly store your net and frame
  • Each and every Pro Series training net is handmade, individually inspected and tested
  • Breakthrough software makes the SkyTrak launch monitor the most realistic, accurate (and affordable!) golf simulator on the market today
  • Same tech you’ll find in $50,000 commercial golf simulators
  • Quickly and easily connects to your smart device or PC. Set up within minutes!
  • You can take the SkyTrak anywhere. WiFi enabled and includes an internal battery for maximum portability
  • Receive instant feedback from SkyTrak’s ‘shot-tracer’ technology. Instantly see your shot shape, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and much more to improve your game
  • SkyTrak accurately captures, displays and contrasts your ball flight data. Key measurement parameters include: ball speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin, side spin, side angle and more. You’ll get more precious feedback from the SkyTrak than actually being on the course!
  • INCLUDED: Genuine SkyTrak protective case
  • INCLUDED: 12 months access to the SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan
  • Free SkyTrak app Is 100% compatible with PC and iOS and all smart devices
  • Shot-Tracer provides views from multiple camera angles for more in-depth swing analysis
  • Fully customize your environment including weather and course conditions

Here’s everything you need to know about our SkyTrak launch monitor and Net Return Pro Series v2…

Our SkyTrak and Pro Series V2 golf bay bundle includes everything you need for a realistic and immersive golf simulation experience

Included in this bundle is the SkyTrak launch monitor, regarded as one of (if not THE) best launch monitors on the market today. Your SkyTrak launch monitor also comes with a protective metal case and 12 months access to SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan (value $170).

You also get the Net Return Pro Series V2 golf bay that consists of the Pro Series V2 net, side barriers (so your ball never escapes the playing area), pro turf (measuring 3m x 1.83m), two rubber tees (1x 4.5cm, 1x 5.7cm) and six sandbags.

Plus, you get a handy duffle bag to easily store your net.

Packed inside the SkyTrak launch monitor is revolutionary, commercial-grade simulation technology that provides incredibly accurate data including ball flight, launch angle, distance and much, much more

The SkyTrak’s camera-based launch technology captures high-speed images of the ball immediately after impact. The images captured are used to measure parameters necessary to render shot shape and carry distance.

You get immediate feedback on every shot with instant 3D visualization, powered by SkyTrak's advanced flight model and ball spin measurement.

Most simulators, even those costing more than $10,000 and up to $50,000, do not produce results that are representative of your actual ball striking ability.

SkyTrak is designed to give you the same feedback you would get at the course hitting your balls with your clubs.

Quickly set up your SkyTrak within minutes – it couldn’t be any easier!

After downloading the free app, SkyTrak connects easily to compatible iPads, Androids, and PC's via its built-in WiFi hotspot.

Once connected, you’re ready to start hitting shots on the SkyTrak 3D Practice Range anywhere at any time. There are no wires to connect and the SkyTrak launch monitor packs its own battery for total portability.

Ultra-portable, wireless design. Take your SkyTrak with you anywhere

Your SkyTrak goes where you go.

Practice and play rain or shine, 365 days a year, in the comfort of your home — even in limited space. Place a ball on a hitting mat or level ground and swing away.

The system is embedded with its own rechargeable battery and serves as its own Wi-Fi hotspot so it can operate with no wires, cables or tethering. Connect wirelessly to a device and generate launch data in seconds.

Fully customisable conditions. You can alter your environment to replicate any type of weather or course conditions you desire

The SkyTrak enables you to input a series of desired variables and environmental factors such as weather and course conditions.

This helps you to simulate real world golf environments and conditions as if you were really on the course.

The Pro Series V2 net is crafted from top-quality, American-designed, commercial grade polyester netting can handle ball speeds above 300 km/h with ease

The Net Return golf nets and side barriers are designed in the US and constructed from commercial-grade polyester netting.

This special, UV-treated netting can handle speeds over and above 300 km/h with no troubles and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This is a net that is designed to last you for years to come. In fact, it’s backed by a 250,000 shot guarantee.

The Net Return golf nets are the only golf net in the world specifically designed to return your ball. Bonus is your net can be used for multiple sports. From golf to football, soccer and baseball.

Assemble your new Pro Series V2 net in under 5 minutes flat (no tools required)!

Piecing together your new Pro Series V2 couldn’t be any easier. Simply follow the included assembly instructions and you should have your net up and running 5 minutes or less.

These nets are designed so that one person can put everything together without tools.

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to put your Pro Series V2 net together!

Rugged and rigid, 1.5 inch tubular aluminium frame will take whatever you throw at it

The Net Return frame is super-strong.

It’s constructed from rigid 1.5 inch tubular aluminium and powder-coated in matte black, scratch resistant paint.

Connecting frame pieces feature large, stainless push buttons making frame pieces easy to connect…and easy to pull apart.

Plus, included with your net is a black duffle bag to easily and neatly store your net and frame.

Grab your SkyTrak launch monitor and The Net Return Pro Series golf bay bundle now for only $5,999!

We'll ship your new SkyTrak bundle direct to your door - anywhere in Australia - for ONLY $5,999.

Plus, shipping is FREE Australia wide.

That's a certified bargain when you consider the value on offer here.

You’re looking at a breakthrough, commercial-grade, golf simulation unit and full golf bay net set-up for under $6,000.

Technology like the SkyTrak is usually found in golf simulators ten times that price. Plus, the Net Return nets are easily the best golf nets around and are used by pro golfers.

You’re looking at the ultimate golf simulator package!

You could easily spend over $30,000 on a professional golf simulator package of this calibre. But right now you can grab your SkyTrak launch monitor & Net Return Pro Series golf bay for just $5,999!

We’ll say it again…

There are commercial-grade golf simulator packages on the market that are ten times more expensive, yet they don’t include the same sophisticated technology as the SkyTrak launch monitor.

Combined with the Net Return Pro Series V2 golf bay you’ve got the ultimate golf simulator package that’ll take your golf skills to a whole new level!

Scroll up to the top of this page, click ‘add to cart’ and buy your new SkyTrak & Pro Series golf bay bundle now for only $5,999.

SkyTrak Unit

Photometric launch monitor
Accelerometer-based internal leveling system
No calibration required
Dimensions: 5.75in L x 6.75in H x 2.5in W
Weight – 1.7lbs

Launch Data Accuracy

Ball Speed: 0 – 200mph +/- 1mph
Launch Angle: 0 – 55° +/- 1°
Back Spin: 0 – 12,000rpm +/- 250rpm
Side Spin: 0 – 4,000rpm +/- 250rpm
Side Angle: 0 – 20° +/- 2°

Power and Battery

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Up to 5 hours of continuous use
Micro USB charging cable included
Wireless Connectivity Options
Connects directly to iPad Wi-Fi (NO Internet access in this mode)
Connects to iPad Wi-Fi through router/home network (Internet Access available)

Hardware Compatibility


SkyTrak requires 3D graphics support. The following passed compatibility testing:

iPad Air or newer
iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display) or newer
iPad Pro
iPhone 6 or newer


The following Android devices have been tested in-house and are officially approved for use with SkyTrak. In general, we have seen best results with newer Android devices containing Octa-core (or dual quad-core) processors. We will continue to test more devices and will update this list accordingly.

Google Pixel C
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Samsung Galaxy S8


Windows 7, 8, or 10

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz or higher

2GB RAM or higher

Third-party golf simulation software requirements vary by provider.

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Bay

Dimensions (HxWxD): 232cm x 244cm x 110cm
Weight (total): 40kg
Designed and manufactured in the USA & China

1x SkyTrak launch monitor
1x SkyTrak protective metal case
12 months access to Game Improvement Plan
1x The Net Return Pro Series V2 golf net
1x Pro Series V2 frame
2x Side barriers
4x Sandbags
1x Pro turf golf mat (3m x 1.83m)
1x 4.5cm rubber tee
1x 5.7cm rubber tee
1x Duffle bag for easy storage
Assembly instructions

The Net Return products are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty. This warranty covers you against defects. SkyTrak is covered by a 6 month manufacturers' warranty against defects.

The BenQ gaming projector is covered by a 2 year warranty.

All products in this bundle are backed by our 30 day, money back guarantee.

If for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, simply contact us and we'll either repair your item under warranty...or we may be able to offer a refund/exchange.

Again, if for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, contact us right away and we'll sort out any issues ASAP.

You might have some questions about shipping times and costs. So, let’s cover some of those questions for you here…

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We’ve partnered with Australia’s fastest couriers to make sure you get your order FAST.

99% of our orders are shipped within one business day. That means if you order on a Monday, we’ll usually ship same day or the next business day (Tuesday).

Your order will usually arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Of course, this depends on where you’re located. If you live in a metro area, you can expect your order to arrive within 3 days.

If you live outside a metro area, you order will usually take a little longer to arrive. We recommend you allow 5 business days for your order to arrive.

The moment your order is on the way, we’ll send you tracking details via email. That means you’ll be able to keep an eye on your order and see where it is at any point in time.

Of course, if you have any questions or queries in relation to your order, simply email us, call (03) 9018 7271 or open the live chat function. We’ll help you in any way we can.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs depend on item weight and shipping destination. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you receive the best shipping rates available.

Shipping is calculated in checkout. Simply fill in your address details and our shipping calculator will show the final shipping cost.

A lot of items we sell include free shipping. If an item is labelled free shipping, you won’t pay a single cent for shipping.

What if I’m not home when my order arrives?

No stress. If you’re not home, our couriers will drop your order off at the nearest depot or post office. 

Contact details will be left at your door or in your mailbox so you can organise redelivery.

Hey what gives, it’s been more than a week and my order hasn’t arrived. Where is it?

No worries. The first thing we recommend you do is check your tracking details. It may just be that your order was held up a little.

If your tracking details don’t shed any light on where your order is, contact us on (03) 9018 7271 and we’ll help work out where your order is.

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