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🏎 🏎 Save $50 On ALL Racing Simulator Bundles...CLICK HERE For More Details 🏎 🏎
🏎 🏎 Save $50 On ALL Racing Simulator Bundles...CLICK HERE For More Details 🏎 🏎

Racing Simulator $50 Off Deal

Buy ANY Racing Simulator Cockpit And Racing Wheel And We’ll Slash $50 OFF The Total Price

Looking to grab a racing simulator cockpit and want to save some dollars while you’re at it?

You’re in the right place, muchacho 😉

When you buy ANY racing simulator cockpit from our store (yep, any model or style that takes your fancy) and you add a wheel, pedals or shifter to your shopping cart at the same time, we’ll slice a massive $50 OFF the total price.

Don’t bother rubbing your eyes, you read that right!

Add any sim rig to your cart now, add a wheel, pedals or shifter and you’ll instantly save $50.

Pretty much goes without say that this deal is not valid with any other offer we might be running at any point in time.

So, how do you claim your $50 racing simulator bundle discount?


Just shoot us a quick email and tell us which rig and wheel you're buying and we'll send you a custom discount code for $50 off your rig and wheel purchase.

Do that and you’ll instantly save fifty big ones on a racing simulator and wheel, pedals or shifter combo.

Remember, this deal applies to ANY sim rig in our store.

And we do mean ANY rig.

You can choose from Next Level Racing, Trak Racer, GTR Simulator, Playseat or any other racing simulator available in our store.

Once you’ve decided on your chosen racing simulator cockpit and accessories just hit us up for your special discount code. 

You can email us or use the live chat app on the bottom right of screen and we’ll instantly discount the total price by $50.

Don’t drag your feet…

Grab your gear and start saving now.