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Available Now: Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Racing Cockpit (From $1,199)
Available Now: Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Racing Cockpit (From $1,199)

F-GT Elite Ready-To-Race Stage 4 Motion Bundle

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The F-GT Elite stage 4 bundle is a full motion racing simulator that delivers jaw-dropping immersion and realism. Get ready to have your mind blown!

The F-GT Elite stage 4 bundle is a first-class motion simulator that includes all the good stuff. You’re looking at a premium Next Level Racing F-GT Elite racing cockpit. A

Simagic Alpha direct drive racing wheel, Simagic Q1 sequential shifter and P2000 hydraulic racing pedals, Simworx Pro Series handbrake, triple 32 inch gaming monitors, a single 27 inch monitor, quad monitor stand and a high-end Allied Patriot 3080 gaming PC to run all those awesome electronics!

For the motion set-up you’ve got Next Level Racing’s V3 Motion Platform and the wicked Traction Plus platform. Combined this is one of the best 3DOF motion simulator packages available right now. All backed by a 2 year warranty and lifetime tech support.

This is the perfect high end, motion simulator package suitable for all the best racing titles like iRacing, RaceRoom, Assetto Corsa and more. If you want the best motion racing simulator money can buy - this is as close as you’ll get.

Here’s a full rundown of everything included in the F-GT Elite stage 4 motion bundle.

The Next Level Racing F-GT Elite is a premium aluminium profile racing cockpit built for serious sim racers

The Next Level Racing F-GT Elite features a premium chassis constructed from superior, post anodized 100mm x 40mm aluminium profile. This makes the F-GT Elite a highly rigid cockpit, perfect for the Simagic direct drive wheel and hydraulic pedal set included in this ready-to-race bundle.

The F-GT Elite is highly adjustable. The pedal plate offers multiple height, angle and distance adjustments. The seat mount features 98 separate adjustments, the wheel deck angle, height and distance can be adjusted. Even the shifter/handbrake mount is fully adjustable.

Even better, the F-GT Elite features wheel, pedal and shifter mounts that are all pre-drilled for big-brand electronics including Thrustmaster, Logitech, Simagic, HPP, Meca, Fanatec and more.

The F-GT Elite includes a ton of extras for serious sim racing like a large gear shifter and handbrake mount, a Buttkicker Gamer2 adaptor, custom cable clips, a tool holder to hold the included adjustment tools and brackets to bolt the motion platforms straight onto the profile with ease.

The Next Level Racing Traction Plus and Motion Platform V3 deliver super-realistic, immersive racing motion that will give you goosebumps...

The combination of the Motion Platform V3 and the Traction Plus Motion Platform delivers not only seat movement but also moves the whole cockpit, handing you realistic & precise understeer and oversteer.

Based on feedback from professional drivers during product development, the understeer component of a motion platform which is usually only found in 6DOF systems is critical in accurately and precisely simulating any race vehicle.

Even the differences between rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles can be felt with the precise feedback delivered through the Traction Plus platform.

Combined with the Motion Platform V3, you've got a supremely accurate vehicle feedback system for front wheel lock up meaning you will feel vibration as well as the front of the vehicle sliding out of a corner when too much brake pressure is applied.

The Traction Plus and Motion Platform V3 provides incredible levels of vehicle feedback so you can feel exactly what the vehicle is doing including…

  • Sway, surge, roll and pitch
  • Understeer and front traction loss – (critical feature usually only experienced in 6DOF motion platforms)
  • Oversteer and rear traction loss
  • Power slides and drifting
  • Partial heave
  • Vehicle and road effects such as road surface, bumps, wheel lock/spin, gear changes and more
  • Shunting effects (to feel side impact contact from opponents/wall)

Powerful and sleek Simagic Alpha direct wheelbase and GT1-D wireless wheel

The Simagic Alpha is fast becoming one of the most popular high-performance servo wheelbases you can lay your hands on.

When you dig a little deeper into the technology packed inside the Alpha wheelbase, you can see why.

You’re looking at finely tuned, ultra-low latency (just 1ms) servo motor that produces up to 15Nm torque, three ultra-sensitive CPU’s that pump out 40,000Hz of force feedback control, all packaged into a compact, 15cm long CNC machined aviation aluminium housing.

Add it all up and you’ve got a direct drive wheelbase that should easily cost you double the price.

The GT1-D flat bottom wheel features battery free, wireless communication with the Alpha wheelbase and a button box with 4 programmable buttons, 2 multi-function rotary encoders and magnetic paddle shifters.

Simagic P2000 hydraulic racing pedals + Simagic Q1 sequential shifter. You’re rig will be decked out with some of the best racing pedals around, with a sequential shifter that’s easily best-in-class

The Simagic P2000 racing pedals feature CNC machine hydraulic master and slave cylinders, hydraulic brake (rated at 200kg) and clutch, precision load cells and a modular design for easy mounting.

The P2000 pedals are also fully adjustable. You can adjust the position/angle of each pedal. The all-metal pedals are made entirely from aluminium. The P2000 racing pedals are one of the best ways to improve your racing consistency and performance.

The Simagic Q1 sequential shifter represents incredible value. The shifter features an all-aluminium housing and is powered by an advanced planetary gear set inspired by a real race car shifter mechanism. This gives you precise and authentic-feeling sequential shifts every time.

The unit also features a digital display that functions as a digital gear indicator, plus, the Q1 is equipped with three assignable push buttons and a fourth button to reset the gear indicator.

The Simagic Q1 sequential shifter is compatible with PC only. You can easily plug the shifter in using one of the two USB ports located on either side of the unit.

Top-quality, Simworx Pro Series handbrake

This fully hydraulic handbrake uses Simworx custom linear pressure sensing technology for the most life-like handbrake feel around.

This handbrake should be your first choice for all types of sim racing including rally and drift. The Simworx hydraulic handbrake is PC plug and play, making it super-easy to set-up on the F-GT Elite bundle

The compact footprint of the Simworx Pro Series handbrake means it can be easily mounted to all sim racing cockpits, including aluminium profile like the F-GT Elite.

Next Level Racing Elite quad monitor stand, triple 32 inch AOC gaming monitors and a single AOC 24 inch gaming monitor for crisp and clear visuals

This bundle includes triple AOC CQ32G2E QHD gaming monitors.

You’re looking at a full QHD VA panel (2560 x 1440) with anti-tearing, FreeSync technology. You’ll get fluid, artefact-free performance at virtually any framerate.
Better still, this monitor features the lowest response time in the industry – just 1ms and a 144Hz refresh rate. Giving you the highest clarity and best picture quality available.

You’ve also got a fourth monitor - a 24 inch AOC 24G2 display that is mounted above the triple 32s on the top quad mount. The fourth monitor can be used to display vital vehicle and race stats.

The Next Level Racing Elite triple monitor stand is crafted from the same aluminium profile as the F-GT Elite cockpit. It’s designed for three gaming monitors up to 43 inches in size. It’s also super stable and sits on the same adjustable feet as the F-GT cockpit. The stand also features 500mm of vertical adjustment and a VESA mount with 18 degrees of tilt for maximum versatility and adjustability.

Rounding out the F-GT Elite stage 4 bundle is the awesome, feature-packed Allied Patriot 3080 gaming PC

The Allied Patriot 3080 gaming PC is an awesome, high-end gaming PC. It’s the perfect choice for any serious gamer or sim enthusiast who wants a silky-smooth, single to triple screen gaming experience from any popular racing and flight simulation title.

Packed inside you'll find the latest and greatest brand-name hardware including an Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB video card, Intel Core i7 10700KF CPU, 32GB RAM (3200MHz) and Z590 gaming motherboard.

You won’t have any issues with storage thanks to a massive 1TB SSD (NVME) and 4TB HDD. All this first-class gear is packed inside a standout Allied Patriot M-ATX case with 3x 120mm RGB LED fans and 1x 120mm rear exhaust fan.

The F-GT Elite stage 4, full motion racing simulator bundle will ship out to you FAST. You’ll have everything you need to play your favourite racing titles like iRacing, rFactor, Assetto Corsa, RaceRoom, Forza and more

As soon as you place your order, we’ll get to pacing everything and shipping it direct to your door. The F-GT Elite stage 4 bundle includes all the gear you need for the ultimate racing simulation experience. The Next Level Racing motion system takes your racing immersion and realism to a whole new level.

Next Level Racing F-GT Elite racing cockpit

Supported Height: 120 -210 cm or 4ft – 6ft 9 inches
Supported Max Weight: 150 kg or 330 lbs
Product Dimensions: 120 cm (L) x 70 cm (W) x 84cm(H) 47.2inches(L) x 27.6 inches(W) x 33.1 inches(H)
Box Dimensions: 125 cm (L) x 43cm (W) x 34.5 (H) 49.2 inches(L) x 16. 9inches (W) x 13.6 inches(H)
Product Weight: 53kg or 117 lbs
Boxed Weight – GW: 57kg or 126 lbs / NW: 53 kg or 117 lbs

All the extras included with the F-GT Elite:

Next Level Racing Premium 5mm Carbon Steel Seat Brackets with 98 adjustment options and compatible with side mounting bucket seats
NLR Custom DD Side & Front Mount system
Next Level Racing Flex Free Seat Slider system eliminating flex found in sim cockpit seat sliders
Pedal plate design provides sliding adjustability for quick distance adjustment
Gear shifter and handbrake support plate and ButtKicker Gamer 2 adaptor
Next Level Racing Foot Step making it more comfortable getting in and out of the seat/cockpit
Next Level Racing Tool Kit Holder to have your tools for adjustment connected to the cockpit for when needed
Ratchet tool for ease of assembly and allowing for quick adjustments
Next Level Racing Custom Feet with height adjustable shock absorption feet
8 x Next Level Racing Custom Cable Clips holding up to 4 larger cables or 8 smaller gauged cables
Premium custom black electroplated spring ball T-slot nuts
Laser engraved markings for ease of lining up and adjusting wheel and pedal positions
Next Level Racing Motion Brackets to bolt the Motion Platform V3 straight onto the profile with ease

Simagic Alpha direct drive wheelbase + GT1-D wireless wheel

Simagic Alpha Direct Drive Wheelbase

Up to a MASSIVE 15Nm torque for ultra-strong force feedback
5-pole servo motor
Ultra-low, 1ms latency
CNC machined aviation aluminium housing, anodized black
100-220V AC, 50/60Hz power supply (included)
Supports all popular PC-based titles including: iRacing, ACC, F1 2019, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 etc.
Plug and play, USB-B connection for PC
Race Manager Alpha software for fine-tuning and tweaking your wheel set-up
Simagic powered quick release system
Location sensor features 16385 pulses per revolution for ultra-sensitive and life-like racing feedback
1,000 Hz refresh rate for in-game data communication
40,000 Hz refresh rate for force feedback control

Simagic GT1-D Racing Wheel

320mm diameter D-shaped racing wheel
Covered in high-quality suede leather with red position indicator
Crafted from sturdy, lightweight and rigid CNC machined aluminium
True ‘battery-free’, wireless communication with the Alpha wheelbase – no more messy cables!
Carbon fibre, magnetic paddle shifters for precise gear shifts EVERY TIME
Equipped with a Simagic, 50mm quick release hub so you can quickly and easily swap out wheels
4 programmable buttons
2 multi-function rotary encoders

Simagic P2000 hydraulic racing pedals

Crafted from CNC machined aluminium
Custom built CNC machined hydraulic master and slave cylinders
Full hydraulic brake and clutch
Plug and play via USB cable
Simagic software
Modular design for easy mounting
Optional standard or extended throttle pedal
Optional raised carbon fibre heel plate
Heavier/softer rate springs for clutch and brake included
Clutch bite point simulation via Bellewille spring stack
Brake rated at 200kg
Adjustable pedals
Includes baseplate
Equipped with precision load cells
12 month Australian warranty

Simagic Q1 sequential shifter

PC compatible ONLY
Made from aluminium
Planetary gear set
Four push buttons
78mm shift knob
Simworx Pro Series handbrake
Bulletproof alloy and steel construction
Stainless steel CNC precision handle
Robust CNC precision shift mechanism
Billet CNC machined alloy upper handle
Foam Grip
USB plug and play
Realistic short and heavy throw
435mm total height
Stainless steel bolts and fasteners
12-bit resolution (USB interface)
Backed by a full 12-month manufacturer warranty

Simworx Pro Series handbrake

Bulletproof alloy and steel construction
Stainless steel CNC precision handle
Robust CNC precision shift mechanism
Billet CNC machined alloy upper handle
Foam Grip
USB plug and play
Realistic short and heavy throw
435mm total height
Stainless steel bolts and fasteners
12-bit resolution (USB interface)
Backed by a full 12-month manufacturer warranty

F-GT Elite quad monitor stand

Supported Screens: 4X 21” to 43”
Boxed Dimensions: 135 cm (L) X 40cm (W) X 24.5cm (H) 14.4inches(L) x 13.3 inches(W) x 7.1 inches(H)
Product Dimensions: 71cm (L) x 242.5 cm (W) x 200cm (H )28 inches(L) x 95.5 inches(W) x78.74 inches(H)
Boxed Weight: GW: 33.5kg / NW: 31.3 kg
Part Number: NLR-E008

AOC CQ32G2E 32 inch gaming monitors

Model Name CQ32G2E
Panel 31.5" (VA / 1500R)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.2724 (H) x 0.2724 (V)
Effective Viewing Area (mm) 697.344 (H) x 392.256 (V)
Brightness (typical) 250 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 3000 : 1 (Typical) 80 Million : 1 (DCR)
Response Time 1ms (MPRT)
Viewing Angle 178° (H) / 178° (V) (CR > 10)
Color Gamut NTSC 100% (CIE1976) / sRGB 121% (CIE1931) /
DCI-P3 91% (CIE1976)
Optimum Resolution 2560 × 1440 @ 155Hz – DisplayPort1.2 *
2560 × 1440 @ 144Hz – HDMI2.0
Display Colors 16.7 Million
Signal Input HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1
HDCP Version HDMI: 2.2, DisplayPort: 2.2
USB Hub no
Power Supply 100 - 240V ~ 1.5A, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption (typical) 49W
Speakers no
Wall-Mount 100mm x 100mm
Adjustable Stand Tilt: -5° ~ 23°
Product without Stand (mm) 425.5 (H) x 709.9 (W) x 87.2 (D)
Product with Stand (mm) 524.4 (H) x 709.9 (W) x 244.9 (D)
Product without Stand (kg) 6.15
Product with Stand (kg) 7.5
Cabinet Color Black & Red
Regulatory Approvals RCM / MEPS / CE / CB / FCC /
KC/KCC/e-Standby / BSMI

AOC 24 inch 24G2 gaming monitor

Model Name 24G2
Panel 23.8" (IPS)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.2745 (H) x 0.2745 (V)
Effective Viewing Area (mm) 527.04 (H) x 296.46 (V)
Brightness (typical) 250 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 1000 : 1 (Typical) 80 Million : 1 (DCR)
Response Time 1ms (MPRT)
Signal Input VGA x 1, HDMI 1.4 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1
HDCP Version HDMI: 1.4, DisplayPort: 1.4

Allied Patriot gaming PC

Allied Patriot 4-Fan RGB M-ATX Case
Intel Core i7 10700KF 8 core/16 thread CPU
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB LHR graphics
240mm Liquid Cooler
Intel Z590 chipset with WiFi
RGB 32GB [2x16GB] 3200MHz RAM
1TB NVMe m.2 SSD + 4TB HDD
750W 80 Plus Gold PSU
Windows 10 Home
2 Year Warranty

Next Level Racing V3 Motion Platform

Power Source: 110-240VAC 50-60HZ
Max Power Consumption: 350W
Max Supported User Weight: 130 Kg
Ambient Temperatures: -20° to +60°C
Full Performance Temperatures: +5°C to +35°C
Direct bolt on to all Next Level GTultimate and Flight Simulators (designed to easily adapt to other cockpits)
Product Weight: 25 kg
Boxed Dimensions: 52 x 49 x 26 cm
Boxed Weight: 28 kg
Max Angular Displacement for Pitch & Roll: +- 10°
Max Speed : 20°/s, Max Acceleration: 360°/s2
Compatible Games

The Next Level Racing® Motion Platform Manager Software is basically compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC.

The Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software is continuously updated with new compatible titles as they hit the market and our list of compatible games will continue growing.

Racing Games

American Truck Simulator
Assetto Corsa
Copa Petrobras de Marcas
DiRT 3
DiRT Rally VR
DiRT Rally
DiRT Showdown
Euro Truck Simulator 2
F1 2011
F1 2012
F1 2013
F1 2014
F1 2015
F1 2016
Formula Truck 2013
Game Stock Car 2012
Game Stock Car Extreme 2013
GP-Bikes (PiBoSo)
GRID Autosport
GT Legends
Kart Racing Pro (PiBoSo)
Live For Speed
MX Bikes (PiBoSo)
Project CARS
Race 07
RaceRoom Racing Experience
rFactor 1
rFactor 2
Richard Burns Rally
The Crew
World Racing Series (PiBoSo)
WRC 4 (not all versions are supported, the one from Steam works)
Flight Games/Simulators

DCS World 1.x
DCS World 2.x OpenAlpha
Falcon 4.0
Falcon 4.0 BMS
Flight Simulator X (also Steam edition)
IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover (from Steam)
X-Plane 10
X-Plane 11
Warthunder (only airplanes)
Other Titles

Nolimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulator

Titles By SDK

.NET applications
Native x86 and x64 Windows applications
*Please note Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software also includes “direct input controller” feature meaning it can read movements from your joystick or flight yoke and control the platform simultaneously giving you virtually compatibility with every title such as Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen etc.

Next Level Racing Traction Platform

Power Source: 4A/115VAC, 2A/230VAC
Rated Power: 321W
Protection Class: I
Max Payload: 235Kg
Ambient Temperatures: -20° to +60°C
Full Performance Temperatures: +5°C to +35°C
Direct bolt on to all Next Level Racing® GTtrack & Flight Simulator Pro cockpits
Product Weight: 108kg
Product Dimensions: 112 x 165 x 13 cm
Boxed Dimensions: Box 1 & 3: 115 x 54.5 x 14 cm, Box 2: 68x 50 x 22.5 cm
Boxed Weight: Box 1: 46kg, Box 2: 26kg, Box 3: 46kg
Part Numbers: NLR-T001A, NLR-T001B, NLR-T001C
Led lights with customisable effects and colours
European manufacturing

1x Next Level Racing F-GT Elite racing cockpit
1x Simagic Alpha direct drive wheelbase + GT1-D wireless wheel
1x Simagic Q1 sequential shifter
1x Simagic P2000 hydraulic racing pedals
1x Simworx Pro Series handbrake
1x Next Level Racing Elite quad monitor stand
3x AOC 32 inch curved gaming monitors
1x AOC 24 inch gaming monitor
1x Allied Patriot 3080 Gaming PC
1x Next Level Racing V3 motion platform
1x Next Level Racing traction platform

All Next Level Racing, Simagic and Simworx gear is backed by a one year local warranty. This warranty covers you against manufacturer defects. The AOC monitors are covered by a 3 year warranty, while the Allied gaming PC is covered by a 2 year return-to-base warranty.  

If for some reason any of the gear included in this bundle doesn't work or operate as expected, simply contact us and we'll either repair your item/s under warranty...or we may be able to offer a refund/exchange. Again, if for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, contact us right away and we'll sort out any issues ASAP.

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