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New Trak Racer Aluminium Cockpits In Stock & Ready To Ship - CLICK HERE For Details

Hydraulic Racing Pedals

Boost your racing consistency and performance with a set of high-performance hydraulic pedals

Looking to upgrade the racing pedals on your sim rig? Then take a peek at our range of top-grade hydraulic racing pedals.

Hydraulic pedals are one of the best ways to boost the consistency and performance of your racing because hydraulics pedals use similar hydraulics, fluid chambers and tubes as the brakes you’ll find on real racer cars. This makes hydraulic race pedals super-accurate and superior to bog-standard, entry-level potentiometer pedals.
bj simracing hydraulic pedalsIn saying that, hydraulic pedals can take a bit of getting used to as they feel different to cheaper pedals. So, be prepared to wear these pedals in for a little bit to get used to them. Once you’ve got a handle on them though, you’ll wonder how you went so long without them.

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Hydraulic pedals tend to be expensive, simply because they’re high-end pedals packed with top-grade internals and working parts. They’re also highly adjustable. So, for a quality set of hydraulic pedals you’re looking at around $1,500+ with some sets running closer to $3,000.
hydraulic racing pedals imageHydraulic pedals are your fast track to a far more immersive and realistic racing experience. There are a number of models on the market – we’ve tested many here at Gamer Gear Direct HQ. You can check out our recommended hydraulic pedals below.

Why you should upgrade to hydraulic racing pedals

Hydraulic pedals are built to increase the immersion, realism and performance of your sim racing. The hydraulic set-up and embedded electronics are designed to be more consistent and closely match real race car pedals. You’ll need to invest a sizeable sum for hydraulic pedals, but the benefits and added performance are worth it. Scroll below now to check out our range of hydraulic pedals.