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AVAILABLE NOW: VNM Simulation Shifter & Handbrake CLICK HERE For Details

Gaming Chair Floor Mats

Grab a floor mat for your gaming chair and protect your floor

Extended gaming sessions won’t probably do your room’s floor any favour. After all, you never know what crazy things could happen when you get too excited after smashing your opponents.

At Gamer Gear Direct, we’ve taken everything you could need in a gaming setup into consideration, and floor mats are no exception.

With a floor mat under your gaming chair, you can rest assured that your floor will remain intact. If your gaming chair has wheels, floor scratches will start appearing sooner or later unless, of course, you cover the floor with something like a mat.

Some floor types can get badly damaged from accidental liquid slips, and since many gamers like to eat and drink while gaming, the flooring under the gaming chair will deteriorate over time. However, if you use one of our spill-resistant floor mats, you can extend the lifetime of your room’s flooring dramatically.

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The icing on top is that each of our mats has grippers that hold it in place, preventing it from moving when you put your chair or feet on it. On the other hand, if you have a hard floor surface, a textured mat won’t be a good idea. That’s why we offer a non-studded mat for use on vinyl, wood, lime, and laminate flooring. It flaunts a smooth underside to protect your hard floor.

It’s also worth mentioning that all of our floor mats sport a keyhole design that makes them ideal for placement under desks. And guess what? The mats are transparent, meaning that you can maintain the integrity of your room’s design while also protecting the floor from bumps, scratches, and stains.

Get your gaming chair floor mat now and enjoy your gaming sessions without worrying about your floor.

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